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Practice Areas

Our attorneys in Michigan are ready to help you with your HOA or Condo Association in the following practice areas. Contact Hirzel Law if you have questions about the Michigan laws governing your issue. We have a team of experienced attorneys ready to assist you and your organization. We pride ourselves on being advisors, advocates, educators, and influencers to our clients and the entire Michigan real estate community. Contact us today to set up an appointment!


Michigan Condo Law

Our attorneys routinely represent Michigan condo associations in a variety of matters such as amending master deeds, bylaw enforcement and collections.


Michigan Homeowners Association Law

Our HOA attorneys routinely represent Michigan homeowners associations in a variety of matters such as amending deed restrictions, covenant enforcement and collections.

Real Estate Law

We represent individuals and corporations in various real estate matters such as boundary disputes, commercial leasing, title disputes and zoning issues.

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