Canton Real Estate Lawyers

For many current or soon-to-be property owners in Canton, navigating real estate matters can be complex and intimidating. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our experienced Michigan real estate lawyers are dedicated to counseling you through the entire legal process to ensure that you receive the best representation for your needs. 

Modern real estate is a challenging field for those who are entering the market without a reliable real estate lawyer on their side. The trusted team at Hirzel Law in Canton, Michigan, can help answer all of your questions and provide you with the relevant, necessary knowledge to effectively manage your real estate requirements.

Managing Real Estate Regulations in Canton

One of our core principles at Hirzel Law is educating the community in Canton, Michigan, on the complexities of real estate law and how to work within it. We help represent landlords, land developers, homeowners, and any other client who is navigating the challenging landscape of modern real estate litigation. Our experienced lawyers have successfully helped to educate our clients and community members on a variety of different real estate matters, including the following:

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes often occur when a property owner claims title to additional land through the adverse possession doctrine. These problems happen when adjoining property owners disagree over property borders based on information available in the land’s deed. Other common boundary disputes are related to property trespassing and acquiescence.

Title Disputes

Establishing the title for a commercial or residential property is an important aspect of the real estate process and often requires strong legal representation to navigate. These matters are often centered around property ownership, negotiating a title dispute resolution, or addressing claims for adverse possession, and they should never be managed without the help of a lawyer who is experienced in Michigan real estate law. 


Michigan zoning laws involve the Zoning Enabling Act, which dictates that Michigan has given municipalities control over certain regulated tasks that are associated with the development and control of a specific area of land. This allows a municipality to dictate the way any property is managed within its boundaries. Lawyers at Hirzel Law are experienced in helping builders, land developers, and property owners pursue zoning variances as well as interpreting ordinances and amending plats.

Canton Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Here at Hirzel Law, our reliable lawyers are experienced in all different forms of real estate, as well as the laws that govern how property is managed, zoned, and constructed. We are proud to offer legal assistance for clients managing commercial real estate and residential real estate transactions in Canton, Michigan. 

Residential Real Estate

Michigan Condominium Lawyers for Condo CollectionsPursuing residential real estate in Canton, Michigan, requires the help of a legal professional who understands the complexities that construction, zoning, and development can create. The lawyers at Hirzel Law, have successfully aided residential real estate clients with the process, which includes:

  • Preparing the master deed and bylaws to establish condominium projects
  • Drafting declarations, covenants, and restrictions for subdivisions
  • Drafting appropriate rules and regulations for all types of residential developments
  • Helping developers obtain the necessary governmental approvals
  • Preparing sales documents, like disclosure statements and escrow agreements
  • Assisting with the construction of individual homes 
  • Resolving issues concerning building permits and certificates of occupancy

Land and property developers can run into a variety of complications when working in Canton, Michigan. The team at Hirzel Law is well versed in the ways that real estate laws can affect the planning, construction, and eventual development of condominiums or homes.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are a first time commercial real estate developer or someone who has been through the process before, working alongside a real estate lawyer can take some of the complications out of navigating the guidelines that are in place for commercial real estate development in Canton, Michigan. 

Our trusted lawyers know the different ways in which a commercial real estate developer can run into issues during the early stages of the process, and we are trained to help. We have experience helping commercial real estate clients in Canton with the following:

  • Construction Contracts 
  • Construction Liens
  • Construction Litigation 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Estoppel Letters
  • Financing
  • Insurance Analysis 
  • Land use and zoning requirements 
  • Leases
  • Letters of intent 
  • Promissory Notes and Guarantees 
  • Purchase Agreements 

Regardless of your level of investment in your current commercial real estate project, you should ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your assets with the help of a trusted and experienced real estate lawyer in Canton, Michigan.

Contact a Reliable Canton Real Estate Lawyer

Sterling Heights Real Estate LawyersAny homeowner, property developer, or zoning official who is currently navigating a challenging real estate situation understands how difficult it can be to do on your own. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact the office of Hirzel Law, PLC, and speak with one of our qualified real estate lawyers. Our proactive approach to legal representation allows us to educate and guide our clients toward the best possible outcome for their individual needs. 

The award-winning team of real estate lawyers at Hirzel Law in Canton, Michigan is available to help you with all of your commercial and residential real estate matters, no matter how complex. Give us a call today at 248-986-2546 or reach out to us online to find out more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our legal professionals.