Real Estate Attorneys Serving Clinton Township

Real estate in Clinton Township is a major investment that can pay off if handled properly. An experienced real estate attorney can protect what may be your biggest financial venture. Whether you are purchasing, selling, leasing, or involved in another real estate transaction, a real estate attorney can prepare or review all of the documents to ensure that your interests are protected.

When you have a real estate legal issue in Clinton Township, it is imperative that you seek representation from a qualified professional. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys have extensive experience practicing real estate law throughout Michigan. We have advocated for owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, and commercial tenants on everything from complicated title issues to evictions.

Michigan Lawyers Resolving Real Estate Disputes in Clinton Township

Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorneys can help clients in Clinton Township manage disputes, resolve chain of title issues, and assist with delinquent tenants. Other real estate disputes we can help you resolve in Clinton Township include:

Title Disputes

Having clear title to property is one of the most important aspects of owning real estate because it impacts your ability to transfer title to the property. If a title dispute develops, Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys can help negotiate a fair resolution by filing a quiet title action and recording a notice of lis pendens in the register of deeds.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes often occur when neighboring property owners cannot reach an agreement on whether a deed correctly outlines the boundaries between their properties. In many cases, one of the property owners will accuse the property owners (or their predecessors in title) of altering the boundary lines based on use of the property over time.  

In Michigan, a property owner may bring a claim for adverse possession to establish title to property if they have made use of a property for 15 years and the use was open, notorious, and hostile to the true property owner.  Similarly, a property owner may bring a claim for acquiescence to establish new property lines.  Acquiescence provides that where adjoining property owners acquiesce to a boundary line for at least fifteen years, that line becomes the actual boundary line. In other cases, the property owners do not dispute the boundary lines, but they illegally enter into another’s property or cause a disruption that prevents an owner from using their property.  In these types of situations, property owners often bring claims for nuisance or trespass. Hirzel Law, PLC real estate lawyers can help navigate these property disputes.

Zoning and Land Use Disputes

Implemented in 2006, the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act delegates Michigan municipalities power over the regulation and development of their land. If a property is not zoned for a use that a property owner desires, they may need to seek a zoning variance.  In other cases where a variance is not applied for, property owners receive zoning ordinance violations from the municipality based on the use of their property. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys are equipped to handle all zoning and land use issues from planning stage, to requesting variances, and even fighting zoning ordinance violations. We can represent clients during negotiations, help interpret ordinances or appear before a board of zoning appeals to settle a dispute.

Who Could Benefit from a Real Estate Attorney in Clinton Township?

Hirzel Law, PLC real estate lawyers represent the interests of builders, developers, and individual property owners. Whether you need assistance splitting lots, obtaining municipal approval, or need to file suit to modify a plat (such as vacating, correcting, or revising a highway, road, street, or other land dedicated to public use), our firm can help.

Examples of real estate matters we can handle are as follows:

  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Commercial, Residential and Mixed-Use Condominium Projects
  • Industrial Projects 
  • Medical Facilities
  • Multifamily
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Strip Malls 

Whether your real estate property is your home, place of business, a development property, or an investment, you want it to be protected. With Hirzel Law, PLC on your side, you can rest assured that your biggest investment is under the protection of an award-winning legal professional.

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