Real Estate Attorneys Serving Commerce Township

The inherent nature of real estate transactions means that a significant sum of money is often at stake. For most people, a real estate investment is their most significant investment, which is why it is so essential that these transactions are handled properly.

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our real estate attorneys take great pride in providing the highest quality, accurate legal representation available to clients in Commerce Township. Whether you need legal support to develop commercial real estate or are looking to purchase your first home, our real estate lawyers can help.

Real Estate Lawyers Helping Developers, Owners, and Commercial Tenants in Commerce Township

The Hirzel Law, PLC real estate legal team is experienced in Michigan real estate law. We have committed ourselves to remain on top of the latest trends, from the local level up to federal legislation. This enables us to take on even the most challenging cases and still achieve positive resolutions that protect the interests of our clients.

At Hirzel Law, our commitment to our clients is unparalleled. We are here to listen to your goals and advise you on how to achieve them in your real estate matter. Our attorneys advocate for:

  • Builders
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Commercial Tenants 
  • Contractors 
  • Homeowners
  • Real estate developers

The attorneys at Hirzel Law have earned numerous awards for our work. Our efforts have received recognition from Best Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Representing Clients in Commerce Township

Hirzel Law, PLC’s team of dynamic real estate attorneys are experienced in commercial real estate development matters, from sales to land purchases and even commercial development. Our Michigan real estate lawyers are equipped to assist clients with any commercial real estate and development matters that you may face in Commerce Township. Our team is prepared to help you with:

  • Construction contracts, liens, and litigation
  • Due diligence
  • Estoppel letters
  • Financing
  • Insurance analysis
  • Land use and zoning requirements
  • Leases
  • Letters of intent
  • Promissory notes and guarantees
  • Purchase agreements

Since legal issues do not end once a development project is complete, neither does Hirzel Law, PLC’s legal assistance. Our real estate attorneys will continue to protect your commercial real estate investment in Commerce Township for as long as needed and represent your interests if any real estate litigation matters arise.

Lawyers Settling Real Estate Disputes in Commerce Township, Michigan

Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorneys have experience handling a broad range of real estate disputes in Michigan. Examples of real estate disputes that we handle are as follows:

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are often some of the most controversial disputes that develop in real estate. Boundary disputes can arise in Commerce Township when neighboring property owners disagree on whether a deed accurately depicts the adjoining property borders. In many cases, one of the property owners will argue that the other property owner or their predecessors by title have distorted the boundary lines. 

In Michigan, a property owner may bring a claim for adverse possession to establish title to property if they have made use of a property for 15 years and the use was open, notorious, and hostile to the true property owner.  Similarly, a property owner may bring a claim for acquiescence to establish new property lines.  Acquiescence provides that where adjoining property owners acquiesce to a boundary line for at least fifteen years, that line becomes the actual boundary line. In other cases, the property owners do not dispute the boundary lines, but they illegally enter into another’s property or cause a disruption that prevents an owner from using their property.  In these types of situations, property owners often bring claims for nuisance or trespass. 

At Hirzel Law, PLC, we are experienced in helping our clients protect their property rights, whether it be through asserting claims for adverse possession, acquiescence, nuisance or trespass.  Contact a Hirzel Law real estate attorney to handle your property rights dispute. 

Title Disputes

In Commerce Township, a title is needed to confirm property ownership, so a dispute with your title can cause substantial trouble. With so much on the line, it is not worth the risk to attempt settling a title dispute on your own. A Hirzel Law, PLC attorney can file a quiet title action or record a notice of lis pendens with the register of deeds to protect your property interests.

Partner with a Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney Serving Commerce Township

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our skilled real estate attorneys can advise you on all facets of Michigan real estate. In Commerce Township, we provide legal assistance for everything from drafting declarations, covenants, and restrictions for subdivisions to assisting with the construction of commercial buildings.

For help with a real estate matter in Commerce Township, speak with one of our experienced real estate attorneys. Call (248) 986-2921 or complete a contact form to schedule a consultation today.