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Condominium and homeowners associations (HOAs) often provide homeowners with services like lawn care, pool cleaning, snow removal, and other maintenance. Although community association living is not required for Michigan neighborhoods, many single home subdivisions, condominiums, and cooperatives have opted to implement these governing bodies.

Whether you live in a deed-restricted community or serve on the board of directors for a Grand Blanc homeowners association, it is not uncommon for legal matters to arise. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our condo and HOA attorneys will not only help you navigate legal issues, but will also work diligently to help prevent legal problems from developing in the first place.

Lawyers Representing Grand Blanc, Michigan Condo and HOA Boards

If you manage a Grand Blanc condominium or homeowners association (HOA), you may know how overwhelming the job can be. When these issues arise, you may have questions on how to handle the situation, what is at stake, and what steps you should take next. With the advice of a condo and HOA attorney, you can effectively manage any community association legal matter.

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our condo and HOA lawyers are experienced in helping condos and HOAs throughout Michigan with various services, including, but not limited to:

Hirzel Law, PLC condo and HOA attorneys are adept in interpreting the laws and documents that govern Michigan community associations. One of our primary duties is to help HOAs and condominium associations comply with the federal, state, and municipal laws that govern community operations to help prevent future mishaps, saving your board members and residents time, money, and stress.

Collecting Unpaid Grand Blanc Condominium and HOA Assessments

To protect property values and improve the quality of life of its residents, condominium associations collect assessments from co-owners. When co-owners neglect to pay their HOA  dues, other co-owners are unfairly forced to shoulder the condo association’s operating expenses.

The Hirzel Law, PLC condominium and homeowners association attorneys can help draft and implement the legal strategies needed to collect delinquent association dues, including:

  • Analyzing HOA lien priority issues
  • Collecting judgments
  • Drafting demand letters
  • Filing lawsuits to obtain money judgments
  • Recording HOA liens for unpaid HOA assessments
  • Foreclosing HOA Liens
  • Representing homeowners associations in bankruptcy or probate proceedings

Most often, the restrictive covenants, declaration, or deed restrictions allow the condominium or homeowners association to recover any expenses for legal representation incurred in the collection of delinquent HOA assessments.

Condominium and Homeowners Association Attorneys Serving Grand Blanc Clients

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At Hirzel Law, PLC, we believe that success is earned through a combination of hard work and careful attention to detail. Our legal team is known throughout Michigan for our personal service and extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal HOA and condominium laws and regulations.

The attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC, have received numerous awards related to the practice of condo association and HOA law, including recognition from The College of Community Association Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, Leading Lawyers Network, and more! Contact Hirzel Law online or call 248-986-2921 (Farmington) or 231-486-5600 (Traverse City) or 616-319-9964 (Grand Rapids) to see how our team of attorneys can help represent your Grand Blanc community association.