Condo and Homeowners Association Lawyers Serving Waukegan, Illinois

For many, living within a community association provides opportunity for increased or maintained property values, community involvement and support, convenient access to amenities, and even hands-free property maintenance. When all the pieces of the communal puzzle come together, the HOA and its member’s flourish. However, the pieces of the puzzle don’t always fit nicely together. Whether a Waukegan, Illinois community association is challenged with collecting delinquent HOA dues or struggling to enforce restrictive covenants, the condo and HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC can help.

The team of award-winning attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC have experience in working with various community associations throughout Michigan and Illinois to ensure board members know how to successfully operate their condo or homeowners association.

Why Does My Waukegan Community Association Need a Condo and HOA Lawyer?

          The condo and HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC understand that community associations are as unique as its residents and board members, making for various potential legal matters. While a legal dispute may become necessary, our team of condo and HOA lawyers specialize in resolving complex challenges and anticipating problems before they arise. The Hirzel Law, PLC condo and HOA lawyers can help Waukegan, Illinois homeowners associations with:

    • Architectural Control Issues
    • Bankruptcy
    • HOA bylaw enforcement
    • HOA collections
    • Condo construction defects
    • Developer turnover
    • HOA document amendments
    • HOA rule enforcement
    • Fair Housing defense
    • General counsel
    • Short-Term rentals

The extra layer of support the Hirzel Law, PLC condominium and HOA lawyers can provide Waukegan homeowners associations is invaluable as we can make the difference between a happy, well-functioning condominium or homeowners association and one that is stuck struggling.

Developer Liability in Waukegan Condominium and Homeowners Associations

When a developer turns over control of a condominium association to the unit owner, hiccups may occur. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys can assist new condominium boards with the turnover from developer control.  Common issues that Hirzel Law, PLC helps resolve are as follows:

    • Developer turnover
    • Construction defects
    • Financial audits and reviews
    • Breach of express and implied warranties
    • Funding the reserve fund
    • Issues under 765 ILCS 605/22 related to bona fide transfer of ownership and possession
    • Unlawful reconfiguration of a condominium
    • Unpaid proportionate share of expenses or assessments by the Developer

Legal Services for Waukegan Condo and HOA Contractual Agreements

A happy and well-run homeowners association is just as dependent on its vendors and other third-party providers as it is on the board and residents. Condo and HOA associations enter contracts with vendors and other third parties to protect and maintain the community while removing the bulk of the physical and financial responsibility away from a sole member or unit owner It is especially important that community associations working with any third-party vendor carefully reviews and understands the terms of service before entering into any contractual agreement.

The Hirzel Law, PLC condominium and homeowners association lawyers can review Waukegan community association contractual agreements and help settle contractual disputes involving third parties such as:

    • Developers
    • Insurance companies
    • Unit owners
    • Vendors
      • Cable service providers
      • Contractors
      • Landscapers
      • Pool maintenance companies
      • Security companies

Contractual agreements are often exhaustive and difficult to interpret. Third party contractual agreements that HOAs may enter are particularly important due to the nature of the services being offered. Many of the vendors that community associations enter a contract with provide a service or services which take place on community association grounds or even in unit owners’ homes. This personal component makes it especially crucial that the HOA and its unit owners’ interests are protected within the language of contractual agreements.

Condominium and HOA Attorneys Assisting with Waukegan Condo Collections

The Hirzel Law, PLC Condo and HOA attorneys can help Waukegan condominium and homeowners associations with a variety of collections-related matters such as:

    • HOA assessment collections
    • HOA liens
    • HOA foreclosures

Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping Waukegan, Illinois Homeowners Associations

The condo and HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC are dedicated to offering our clients the responsive and knowledgeable legal services that the Waukegan, Illinois condo and homeowners associations deserve. We understand that when a legal dispute arises, time is of the essence. That is why we work to provide clients with prompt communication and peace of mind that is pivotal to the success of Illinois HOAs.

We believe that by educating our clients and offering exceptional legal representation, our team of condo and HOA attorneys can provide the personalized service our clients deserve. The attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC, have received numerous awards related to the practice of condominium and HOA law, including recognition from Best Lawyers, CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers Network, Super Lawyers, and more!  Feel free to visit the Hirzel Law Media Center to learn more about the firm and check out one of our interviews with CBS, CNBC, Dr. Drew Live, Fox Business News, Fox News, Newsmax, and other media outlets.

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