Condo and HOA Lawyers Serving West Bloomfield, Michigan

Just as for-profit corporations have to navigate convoluted legal issues, the same can be said for nonprofit corporations like condo and homeowners associations. Without the help of a condo and HOA attorney when dealing with disputes, community associations may risk the protection of the community’s rights and interests.

Michigan condos and HOAs must abide by various municipal, state, and federal laws. These laws can be difficult to decipher without the help of an experienced condo and HOA lawyer. The award-winning condo and HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC, are passionate about helping community associations reduce their risk of litigation and save board members valuable time and financial resources. Our experienced condo and HOA lawyers have assisted community associations throughout Michigan by providing general legal counsel, implementing collections strategies, and revising community bylaws.

Why Your West Bloomfield Community Association Needs a Condo and HOA Attorney

Community associations often have to work directly with third parties such as owners, renters, or vendors. When working with these third parties, it is not uncommon for legal disputes to arise. While a legal dispute may come about, litigation may be avoided with the help of a Hirzel Law, PLC condo and HOA attorney. Our condo and HOA attorneys can help West Bloomfield community associations with:

Our condo and HOA lawyers serve the community associations of West Bloomfield as experienced advisors and educators, providing prompt mitigation of legal matters as soon as they develop.

Legal Services for West Bloomfield Condo and HOA Contractual Agreements

In order to run a community association properly, many condominiums or homeowners associations must enter into contractual agreements with third parties. These third parties often provide vital services to the communities daily operations. Some common types of commercial contracts that condos and HOAs enter include:

  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Professional property management

Commercial contracts can be difficult to parse. Seeking counsel from a condo and HOA lawyer will help you interpret any contracts or agreements, helping you make educated decisions for your community association.

Legal Representation for West Bloomfield, Michigan Community Associations

When a third parties and community associations enter contracts, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise. The condo and HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC can help settle disputes involving:

  • Developers
  • Insurance companies
  • Property owners
  • Vendors

Community associations do not need to settle legal disputes alone. The condo and HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC can help community associations in West Bloomfield avoid litigation and learn how to operate successful community association boards.

Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping West Bloomfield Communities

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The condo and HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC are dedicated to offering our clients the responsive and knowledgeable legal services that the West Bloomfield, Michigan communities deserve. We understand that when a legal dispute arises, time is of the essence. That is why we work to provide clients with prompt communication that is crucial to the success of Michigan community associations.

We believe that by educating our clients and offering exceptional legal representation, our team of condo and HOA attorneys can provide the personalized service our clients deserve. The attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC, have received numerous awards related to the practice of real condominium and HOA law, including recognition from the College of Community Association Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, Leading Lawyers Network, and more!

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