Condo and HOA Lawyers Serving Georgetown Charter Township

Like for-profit corporations, nonprofit corporations, such as condominium and homeowners associations (HOAs), must navigate complicated legal issues from time to time. Accordingly, it is important for condominium and homeowners associations in Georgetown Chart Township to have a community association attorney to protect their interests. 

Condos and HOAs in Michigan must comply with various federal, state, and local laws that can be difficult to decipher without the help of an experienced attorney. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our award-winning community association lawyers may be able to reduce your condo or HOA’s risk of litigation, saving the board time and conserving financial resources. Our team has worked with homeowners associations across Michigan to handle legal matters such as enforcing restrictive covenants, collecting late HOA fees, or providing general legal counsel.

Legal Services for Condos and HOAs in Georgetown Charter Township, Michigan

Condominium and HOA board members are responsible for administering their communities in accordance with the governing documents. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys help Georgetown Charter Township community association board members with various tasks, such as:

  • Amending HOA covenants
  • Collecting unpaid assessments
  • Drafting contracts
  • Drafting rules and regulations
  • Enforcing HOA bylaws
  • Ensuring compliance with laws such as the Michigan Condominium Act and Fair Housing Act
  • Overseeing developer turnover

The laws governing HOAs and condominium associations are often stuffed with legal jargon that can be challenging to decipher. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our lawyers are not only fluent in legal jargon but are familiar with the Michigan state laws that affect how your community can operate.

Legal Representation for Community Associations in Georgetown Charter Township

When you are on a condominium or HOA board, you must conduct business with various third parties. Unfortunately, sometimes legal battles can develop between the community association and these third parties. At Hirzel Law, PLC, we can help settle disputes between condos or HOAs and:

  • Developers
  • Insurance companies
  • Property owners
  • Vendors

Attempting to take on legal disputes with third parties by yourself can lead to more problems. Disputes with third parties can quickly develop into full-on, costly legal conflicts if they are not appropriately handled. At Hirzel Law, PLC, we are committed to preventing lawsuits from developing in the first place. Still, we are also prepared to represent your community association’s interests during litigation if necessary. We have successfully represented numerous condos and HOA’s and have helped hundreds of clients overcome their legal woes.

Condo and HOA Attorneys Helping Georgetown Charter Township Communities

At Hirzel Law, PLC, we are devoted to offering the responsive, knowledgeable service that Georgetown Charter Township communities deserve. We know that a prompt, educated response is vital to the success of your community association in Georgetown Charter Township.

Our enthusiasm for educating our clients, building a strong team, and offering exceptional legal representation to Michigan community associations has earned us numerous recognitions. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys have earned awards from the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, and Kevin Hirzel has been named a “Go-To Lawyer” in condo and real estate law by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

To speak with one of our skilled HOA and condo attorneys, call our office at (248) 986-2921 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.