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There are a myriad of various legal challenges that the management of HOAs and condominium associations in Northville must confront. Many of these issues are complex and require deciphering local and state laws or legal documents.

If you run a condo or homeowners’ association in Northville, an attorney who focuses their practice on HOA law can be an invaluable asset to your community. A Northville condominium and HOA lawyer from Hirzel Law can act as counsel to your HOA board of directors– advising them on their best options and fighting to shield your homeowners association from potential legal liability.

How Can a Condominium and HOA Attorney Help Your Northville Community Association?

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our team of attorneys has been instrumental to the success of numerous condominium and homeowners associations in Northville and across Michigan. We help community associations achieve success by helping them navigate legal matters such as:

Condo and HOA Rules and Regulations

In Northville, HOA and condominium association boards of directors can typically impose rules and regulations. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our team can help draft regulations involving:

  • Architectural requirements 
  • Bylaw enforcement policies
  • Codes of conduct
  • Collection Policies
  • Emergency Disaster Plans  
  • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
  • Parking regulations
  • Pet policies
  • Satellite dish and antenna rules

Developer Liability

When a developer transitions control of a condominium association to the co-owners, hiccups may occur. Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys can assist new condominium boards with the transition from developer control.  Common issues that Hirzel Law, PLC helps resolve are as follows:  

  • Construction defects 
  • Financial audits and reviews
  • Breach of express and implied warranties 
  • Funding the reserve fund
  • Issues under MCL 559.167 related to the elimination of “need not be built” units
  • Unlawful reconfiguration of a condominium
  • Unpaid proportionate share of expenses or assessments by the Developer 

HOA and Condo Contracts

There are many contracts involved with the management of a condo or HOA in Northville. At Hirzel Law, PLC, we can help translate the legal jargon in these contracts and resolve any breaches of contract with various vendors, including those providing services such as:

  • Construction
  • General maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Internet or cable
  • Landscaping
  • Modification agreements 
  • Repairs

HOA and Condominium Association Collections

Dues collected by condominium and homeowners’ associations are projected to pay for essential services in the community. However, it is not uncommon for HOA dues to slip the mind of property owners or for some owners to disregard the costs required to maintain a well-run community association. Hirzel Law, PLC can help collect these unpaid fees from delinquent property owners by filing HOA liens, foreclosing on HOA liens, or filing lawsuits against property owners if necessary.

Attorney Kevin M. Hirzel is highly regarded for his work and is the recipient of numerous peer recognition awards for his legal skills in community association and real estate law. Mr. Hirzel and his team are on top of the latest trends in HOA laws and can help shape your community association and take on your most difficult legal battles.

Proficient Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Attorneys Serving Northville, Michigan

The HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC have represented hundreds of condominiums and HOAs in Michigan, and we continue to provide tactical legal assistance to our clients in Northville. Our firm is also the proud holder of the 2020 Detroit Free Press Best of the Best Community Association Choice award for top law firm.

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