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Rachel Figot, Administrative Assistant

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Rachel Figot

Position: Administrative Assistant
Location: 37085 Grand River Ave., Ste 200
Farmington, MI 48335
E-Mail: info@hirzellaw.com
Tel: (248) 986-2290

Rachel Figot is a dynamic professional with a diverse background and a passion for both the arts and business. She graduated from Whitmore Lake High School and continued her education at Eastern Michigan University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts in Entertainment Design and Technology.

Ms. Figot’s early experiences in childcare and camp counseling paved the way for her interpersonal skills and love for helping others. After completing her studies, she embarked on a career path that showcased her versatility. Initially, she thrived in a company assisting individuals in establishing their businesses across all US States. Later, she ventured into the world of finance, serving as a mortgage underwriter at UWM before joining Hirzel Law.

At Hirzel Law, Ms. Figot holds the vital position of Administrative Assistant, where she expertly manages various responsibilities. She ensures seamless communication by handling fee agreements and client registrations with the utmost efficiency. In addition to these tasks, Ms. Figot plays a key role in event planning, supports special projects, and acts as the reliable office snack liaison.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ms. Figot’s personal interests make her a fascinating individual. She is an avid lover of theater and movies, immersing herself in the world of entertainment. When she’s not busy working or indulging in her passion for art, you can find her cherishing moments with her two adorable cats. Ms. Figot also enjoys roller skating and has recently taken up the art of crochet. Furthermore, she shares a particular fondness for Taylor Swift’s music and finds joy in celebrating Halloween with enthusiasm.