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real estate attorney rochester hillsReal estate law can be challenging to navigate if you do not have prior knowledge or experience in the field. At Hirzel Law, our real estate lawyers know the local, federal, and state real estate laws in Rochester Hills like the back of their hands. Our team focuses on real estate litigation, and our years of experience have given us the upper hand when it comes to settling real estate legal matters in the Rochester Hills area.

Whether you need help making important decisions related to land development or you need to reach a solution in a boundary dispute, Attorney Kevin M. Hirzel and the Hirzel Law team can help you ensure a smooth process in finding a solution. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality legal representation around.

What Types of Disputes Can a Real Estate Attorney Help With in Rochester Hills?

When you partner with the real estate team at Hirzel Law, you can benefit from a myriad of services. Our firm routinely handles a wide variety of legal matters involving real estate-related issues in Rochester Hills, such as:

Boundary Disputes

When neighboring property owners are unable to agree on whether a deed accurately outlined the adjacent properties’ borders, a boundary dispute is liable to occur. These disputes often happen when one property owner believes that the property owners of their predecessors in title have modified the boundary line.

Commercial Real Estate

The state of Michigan has extensive regulations for commercial property development. If you are looking to develop commercial real estate in Rochester Hills, our real estate litigation team can help you with any legal issues you may encounter, such as:

  • Construction contracts 
  • Construction liens
  • Construction litigation 
  • Due diligence 
  • Estoppel letters
  • Financing
  • Insurance analysis 
  • Land use and zoning law 
  • Leases
  • Letters of intent 
  • Promissory notes and guarantees 
  • Purchase agreements 

Once your commercial real estate development project is complete, Hirzel Law can help protect your investment and assist you with any future commercial litigation matters that may arise.

Residential Development

Most residential real estate developers will run into legal challenges at the beginning of their projects. By partnering with an experienced Rochester Hills real estate attorney, you will have a legal defender on your side that can help you easily navigate issues such as:

  • Creating sales documents, like escrow agreements and disclosure statements
  • Outlining appropriate rules and regulations for all types of residential developments
  • Drafting declarations, covenants, and restrictions for subdivisions
  • Ensuring compliance with the Michigan Land Division Act and Michigan Condominium Act
  • Helping developers obtain the necessary governmental approvals
  • Preparing the master deed and bylaws to establish condominium projects
  • Settling issues concerning building permits and certificates of occupancy

If you are developing residential real estate in Rochester Hills, the Hirzel Law team can support you from development to sale and beyond.

Title Disputes

One of the most important aspects of real estate is confirming ownership of the property, and if your title is in dispute, it can cause major legal issues. Our team is qualified to file quiet title actions or record a notice of Lis Pendens with the register of deeds if necessary. A quiet title action is used to verify the true title to the property, and a Lis Pendens notifies parties that a legal proceeding is underway. Once a Lis Pendens has been filed, any transactions involving the property in dispute will depend on the court’s decision.

Zoning and land use

Michigan’s Zoning Enabling Act appoints municipalities to control how land is allowed to be used and developed in Rochester Hills. The Hirzel Law real estate team can help builders, developers, and individual property owners resolve zoning and land use issues by:

  • Interpreting zoning and land use ordinances
  • Pursuing a zoning variance
  • Representing your interests at board meetings for zoning approval or appeals
  • Splitting lots and obtaining the necessary municipal approval

Litigation may not be required for some zoning and land use matters, but modifications to a plat (including vacating, rectifying, or changing a highway or other land reserved for public use) will require filing a lawsuit.

Accomplished Real Estate Attorneys in Rochester Hills

Here at Hirzel Law, our Michigan real estate attorneys have earned recognition from Best Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers. Call us to speak with one of our trusted real estate attorneys at (248) 986-2921 or complete our contact form today.