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These days, it can be challenging to stay current with local real estate laws, let alone ensure that you always have a clear understanding of them. Changes in real estate laws can make matters like zoning restrictions and boundary or title disputes feel nearly impossible to navigate if you do not have extensive experience in the field.

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our primary focus is on Michigan real estate. We ensure that we remain up to date with the current state and local legislation affecting Shelby Township property owners. We train our attorneys to handle the complicated real estate issues that property owners and aspiring property owners face. When you partner with our firm, you will benefit from our years of experience and collective knowledge in Michigan real estate law.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney Serving Shelby Township, Michigan

Hirzel Law, PLC lawyers are dedicated to providing the informed counsel and passionate representation Shelby Township businesses need. Our attorneys are qualified to help commercial real estate developers handle even their most complex legal matters.

As experienced legal professionals, we can help our commercial clients by:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Negotiating lease agreements

We proudly help clients purchase or sell their land, develop real estate projects, and navigate eviction proceedings. Legal issues can occur early on in the construction process, and when they do, they will need to be dealt with swiftly before they grow into bigger, more expensive problems.

Attorneys Representing Residential Real Estate Developers in Shelby Township

Residential developers often run into various legal challenges throughout their development projects in Shelby Township. Thankfully, when developers have an experienced real estate lawyer on their side, managing even the most complex legal issues can be a breeze.

Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys have worked with residential real estate developers by:

  • Drafting deed restrictions 
  • Obtaining government approval
  • Establishing restrictions
  • Retaining disclosure statements
  • Writing escrow agreements

Our personalized approach allows us to provide responsive, educated guidance for our clients in Shelby Township so that we can reach the best possible outcome for each client’s unique needs. 

Legal Representation for Real Estate Disputes in Shelby Township, Michigan

Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorneys have years of experience working closely with Michigan land developers, property owners, builders, and other project members to settle various disputes.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes often occur when a property owner claims title to extra land, typically through adverse possession. If your boundary is being disputed, the Hirzel Law, PLC team can help establish the updated boundaries for your property. Our real estate lawyers have helped clients manage cases of acquiescence and worked to clarify documents, deeds, or easements to outline the boundaries of Shelby Township properties for many years.

Title Disputes

Holding or obtaining a title can sometimes come with legal complications that require enlisting the help of a skilled real estate attorney to settle title disputes by:

  • Filing a quiet title action 
  • Recording a notice of lis pendens
  • Preventing future claims by potential interest holders
  • Negotiating active title disputes

Clear title is perhaps the most essential piece of the real estate process as it declares the legal right to ownership of a property and grants a person with the right to sell. Therefore, it is imperative that title disputes in Shelby Township are handled by a qualified real estate attorney.

Zoning and Land Use

Over the years, we have assisted various clients with their planning projects and helped them comply with the state Zoning Enabling Act. We can help our clients with zoning and land use issues by:

  • Obtaining municipal approval
  • Pursuing variances
  • Interpreting ordinances
  • Appearing before zoning boards

Hirzel Law, PLC lawyers has represented various land developers, landlords, homeowners, and other clients with their real estate litigation needs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of Shelby Township and Michigan zoning and land use laws.

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