Illinois Construction Law

Construction Attorneys in Illinois Assisting with Complex Issues

Construction, including construction and design defect claims, is a complex area, and the retention of an experienced construction attorney can make a significant difference between a project running without issues and one that becomes an administrative and costly headache. 

What Does a Construction Attorney Do?

Illinois Construction Law

The construction lawyers at Hirzel Law provide legal representation and advice about buildings or construction projects. We offer advice to organizations at various levels of the contracting chain. Some of the people we serve include property owners, developers and general contractors, tenants, project managers, trade contractors, suppliers, lenders, and consultants.  

The Hirzel Law construction lawyers have significant experience negotiating construction contracts and can advise any party to a construction agreement on issues such as negotiation, delays, variations, insurance and defective work.  A strong contract is critical to protecting our clients’ rights even before a project is started.   

During the course of a project, issues may arise, and once again the attorneys at Hirzel Law can be an invaluable resource.  If these issues are not handled in accordance with the language of the contract and Illinois law, the project itself may be delayed and, potentially, rights waived if they are not asserted properly. 

Sometimes construction disputes need to go to court.  Our attorneys have prosecuted or defended hundreds of such disputes, including everything from payment and lien claims to the prosecution and defense of defect claims. 

Besides litigating on behalf of our clients, our construction lawyers offer legal advice regarding general construction issues, property line disputes, project bidding, zoning, and land use as well as other issues. Firms may hire construction lawyers when they need help drafting other legal documents such as purchase agreements or liquidation agreements. 

How Can an Illinois Real Estate Attorney Help With Construction Defects?

One of the main areas a construction attorney covers is defects, which include design defects as well as issues with materials or poor workmanship.  If a client suffers damage as a result of defective design or a construction defect, a construction lawyer will typically start by sending a demand letter and may pursue litigation if the construction defects are not repaired. They also defend clients who are having claims pursued against them. Those clients can include developers and contractors, public or private owners, or any client involved in the construction industry chain. 


We help builders, developers, and contractors who are facing construction defect claims from unhappy clients. We investigate claims thoroughly to understand what work was promised, what was delivered and determine how to defend our clients’ interests. 


If you have built (or are building) a home or business property, you have put substantial time and resources into having it done properly. If a builder’s and/or designer’s mistake or misconduct has caused problems with the construction or design of your property, you may have recourse under the law. 

At Hirzel Law, we represent individual homeowners, builders, developers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and others in transactional and disputed construction law matters. Our construction law services include: 

  • Litigation of all construction matters
  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts
  • Drafting and filing mechanics lien issues
  • Representing owners who have had faulty construction or where a builder has abandoned the project
  • Drafting warranties and other necessary documents
  • Resolving payment disputes including actions to enforce mechanics liens against construction bonds
  • Prepairing and filing lien bond actions
  • Resolving disputes arising out of construction projects

Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Construction Contract?

Successful construction projects require collaboration between multiple parties including owners, architects, contractors, and sometimes, lenders and investors. Because of the large number of moving parts in construction projects, the potential for disagreements is high, making it important to have an experienced team of construction lawyers protecting your interests. 

Below are three reasons you need to hire an experienced construction attorney: 

  1. Create and review effective contracts: Construction projects can involve tight schedules and large amounts of money. Before getting financially involved with a project, you need to make sure your interests are protected in writing. This can be done by creating an effective contract. The construction litigation team at Hirzel Law can help you draft or review construction contracts to protect you in case of disputes or non-payment.
  2. Dispute resolution: If a dispute occurs between any of the parties involved in a construction project, it’s crucial to have an experienced construction attorney represent you as soon as possible. Typical disputes during projects include breach of contract, professional negligence, construction defects, and payment issues. Hirzel Law has the attorneys to successfully represent your case and will work to find fair solutions through mediation or in a trial.
  3. Permitting and regulation guidance: Regulations, licenses, and permits can stall a construction project no matter the size. A construction attorney can help you navigate the legal requirements for a project and ensure you are up to code before and during construction.

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