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Condo Lawyers | HOA Attorneys

Serving Illinois & Michigan

Our Condo, HOA, and Real Estate Attorneys

Meet our team of highly qualified attorneys who are ready to help you with your HOA or condo association. Contact Hirzel Law if you have questions for our attorneys about the laws governing your issue.

Our Condo, HOA & Real Estate Lawyers

We have a team of experienced attorneys available to assist you and your organization. We pride ourselves on being advisors, advocates, educators and influencers to our clients and the entire Illinois and Michigan real estate communities. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

Brandan Hallaq – Senior Attorney

Matthew Heron – Member

Kevin Hirzel – Managing Member

Kayleigh Long – Member

Matthew Markley – Attorney


Michael McCulloch – Attorney


Kara Moore – Attorney

Chantelle Neumann – Senior Attorney

Michael Pereira – Attorney


Richard Taubman – Attorney


Adam Toosley – Member


Award-Winning Attorneys

The attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC have received numerous, peer-recognized awards for possessing the highest legal skill in community association and real estate law. Not only are our attorneys highly regarded among their peers, but they are also well respected for their cutting-edge thought leadership and their influence in the legislative process.

Trusted Legal Guidance For Condo, HOA, & Real Estate Law

Hirzel Law, PLC attorneys have won the trust of hundreds of clients throughout the state of Illinois and Michigan. With lawyers focusing on condo law, HOA law and other types of community association and real estate law, we’ve become trusted advisors who educate and guide clients through complex legal processes.

Contact Our Condo, HOA, & Real Estate Lawyers

Our team of award-winning attorneys is ready and willing to help. Contact Hirzel Law PLC online or call 312-646-2770 (Chicago), or 248-397-6596 (Farmington office), 231-486-5600 (Traverse City office), or 616-319-9964 (Grand Rapids office) today to discuss your legal issues directly with an experienced Illinois or Michigan real estate lawyer.