Kalamazoo Condominium and Homeowners Association Lawyers

Kalamazoo Condominium and Homeowners Association LawyersWhen condo or homeowners associations (HOA) face difficult legal issues in Kalamazoo, it is essential to have the help of a trusted and knowledgeable lawyer who can provide counsel for even the most complex problem. Homeowners associations routinely encounter circumstances where they need guidance on pursuing HOA fees, enforcing guidelines, navigating developer turnover, and much more. The best way to manage these challenges is to contact a condo or HOA lawyer that you can trust.

The experienced lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC have helped clients in Kalamazoo take on all types of HOA and condo matters by providing passionate and skilled representation. If you are facing a difficult legal situation related to condominium laws or HOA regulations in Kalamazoo, the team at Hirzel Law can help.

Experienced Lawyers Covering Kalamazoo HOA Laws

At Hirzel Law, our skilled lawyers specialize in bringing years of insight to difficult homeowners association cases in Kalamazoo. We have helped a variety of clients manage complex issues and resolve the following common issues that HOA’s face: 

  • Amending HOA Bylaws, Covenants and Deed Restrictions 
  • Collecting unpaid HOA fees
  • Creating HOA rules, regulations, and guidelines
  • Drafting HOA contracts
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with the Fair Housing Act 
  • Enforcing HOA Bylaws 
  • Holding HOA Meetings 
  • Interpreting HOA Bylaws, Covenants and Deed Restrictions 

The experienced lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC, understand that every case is unique and deserves our full attention. We are dedicated to working side-by-side with our clients to ensure that they receive strong representation and obtain the best possible legal results for their Kalamazoo, Michigan HOA cases.

Representation for Condo Associations in Kalamazoo

The state of Michigan has a specific set of laws that dictate how condo associations operate. These laws can be difficult to navigate and often require project management that reviews any ongoing changes to ensure that all aspects of the state guidelines are met. Lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC, are trained to help Kalamazoo condominium associations take on a variety of legal matters, including:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Michigan Condominium Act
  • Updating the Condominium Bylaws 
  • Collecting unpaid condominium association fees
  • Monitoring compliance with the Fair Housing Act
  • Enforcing condominium bylaws
  • Reviewing insurance coverage
  • Navigating developer turnover
  • Creating regulations, guidelines, and rules

Our award-winning condominium association lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC, are familiar with the different complications that can arise in Kalamazoo, and they are prepared to help navigate even the most challenging legal issues. 

Ongoing Legal Counsel for Condo & Homeowner Associations in Kalamazoo

Certain challenges routinely occur for condo and homeowners associations on a year-round basis. To better serve our clients, Hirzel Law, PLC, offers a recurring Premium Service Plan to condominium and homeowners associations in Kalamazoo that provides additional services, resources, and assistance throughout the year. 

For an annual fee, clients can access our comprehensive Premium Service Plan that provides condo and HOA in Kalamazoo with benefits that include: 

  • Access to our online collection portal to view HOA collections status
  • Access to our online library of standardized condo and HOA forms 
  • Annual access to exclusive board member webinars
  • Preparation of a personalized Condominium or HOA Report Card to evaluate all of your governing documents
  • Reviews of all HOA Board Meeting minutes
  • Hirzel Law will serve as the Resident Agent for a condominium or homeowners association at the request of the board
  • A complimentary copy of Hirzel’s Handbook

Retaining a lawyer you can trust is a powerful advantage when it comes to facing difficult condo and HOA challenges, and having annual access to strong representation is a great solution for those in Kalamazoo who need ongoing legal counsel. 

Reliable Condo and HOA Lawyers in Kalamazoo

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our experienced Kalamazoo lawyers understand the challenges that condo and homeowners associations encounter. Our team is qualified to handle complex legal matters related to a variety of HOA and condo association laws, and we can work with you to resolve new difficulties as they arise. The lawyers at Hirzel Law are dedicated to offering our clients the best possible legal representation for their Kalamazoo condo and HOA cases.

We proudly offer services that instruct condo associations and HOA boards on the best way to work within Michigan and federal law. Our firm has earned awards and national recognition from Best Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers.

When you need passionate lawyers who are experienced in Michigan condo and HOA laws, you need the team at Hirzel Law, PLC. Call us at 248-986-2290 or reach out online to schedule a consultation today.