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Our decades of experience in homeowners association (HOA) law, along with our commitment to customers, have helped us win awards, accolades and the trust of hundreds of clients throughout the state of and Michigan. We routinely represent HOA’s in amending deed restrictions, enforcing covenants, collecting assessments, providing opinions, litigating and more.



Homeowners Association Law Practice Areas

The HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC are known for our extensive experience, responsiveness and ability to resolve complex legal issues. We are committed to educating clients, as well as effecting change in homeowners association legislation on a federal level. Our HOA law practice areas include:

Amending HOA Bylaws, Covenants, and Deed Restrictions

A homeowners association must regularly review and update its articles of incorporation, bylaws, covenants, and deed restrictions to ensure they comply with applicable laws, and adequately address owners’ needs and changes in technology. Updating your HOA’s governing documents will often avoid costly litigation.

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HOA Covenant and Deed Restriction Enforcement

Regulations help homeowners associations operate in an orderly manner, uphold community aesthetics, preserve property values and protect property owners’ health, safety and welfare. Enforcing covenants and deed restrictions is a very important job, but is often time-consuming and complicated.

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HOA Collections

Homeowners associations rely heavily on collecting assessments from property owners to provide essential services and fund HOA operations. Whenever an owner or member fails to pay an assessment, the other owners are unfairly forced to shoulder the burden. Collecting these unpaid assessments is critical for optimal functioning.

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General Counsel For Michigan HOA Law

There are several areas of Michigan HOA law that require specific expertise to garner the best results. Whether you need to resolve contractual disputes with vendors, pursue wrongfully denied insurance claims, assure your interests are represented in board meetings, or you just need advice or written opinions, we can help.

Our team of experienced homeowners association attorneys can assist with:

  • Contracts
  • Elections and Meetings
  • Fair Housing
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Opinion Letters
  • Rules and Regulations

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Premium Michigan HOA Lawyer Services

We are available to serve clients at a standard hourly rate for a specific legal problem. But many of our Michigan homeowners association clients take advantage of our Premium Service Plan. Our Premium Service Plan provides:

    • Board Meetings
    • Hirzel Law Seminars
    • HOA Report Card
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Online Collection Portal
    • Online Library
    • Resident Agent

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Cutting-Edge HOA Attorneys

We are always coming up with new ideas and legal theories that help us win big cases. We continually educate our clients to help them do the right thing. We publish articles, speak locally and nationally, and provide interviews to major news outlets like the Washington Post. We’re also involved in legislation that affects community associations across the state and country. Our forward-thinking impacts individual clients, Michigan homeowners associations, and federal laws.

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Our team of award-winning HOA and common interest community association lawyers is ready and willing to help. Contact Hirzel Law PLC online or call 248-397-6596 (Farmington office) or 231-486-5600 (Traverse City office) or 616-319-9964 (Grand Rapids office) today to discuss your homeowners association law issues directly with an experienced HOA lawyer.

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