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Business Planning

Hirzel Law PLC Farmington business attorneys assist business professionals in business formation, strategic planning, corporate governance, real estate acquisition or disposition and analyzing legal potential risks and/or liabilities.  Over time, businesses grow and contract necessitating the need for competent legal counsel to assist in pivotal moments in the life of a business entity.  Hirzel Law PLC attorneys assist from the creation of the business, throughout the life of the business and assisting in issues such as sale of the business and/or wind-up.

Contract Law

Hirzel Law business lawyers have significant experience negotiating contracts, handling pre-litigation contractual disputes and engaging in vigorous litigation when/if necessary.  These issues range from simple breach of contract actions, alleged violations of non-compete agreements, commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes, business corporate governance disputes, etc.  Hirzel Law handles all aspects of drafting contracts including purchase agreements, lease agreements, the governing documents for a business and the sale of a business.

Nonprofit Corporations

Hirzel Law attorneys routinely represent nonprofit corporations with all aspects of the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, MCL 450.2101, et seq.  Examples include:

  1. Drafting and amending Articles of Incorporation
  2. Drafting and amending Corporate Bylaws
  3. Actions without Meeting issues
  4. Director/Officer Liability
  5. Corporate Governance issues
  6. Inspection and Book and Records Requests
  7. Annual Meetings
  8. Record Date issues
  9. Quorum issues
  10. Proxy, Ballot, Absentee Ballot and related issues
  11. Appointing inspection personnel
  12. Voting Rights
  13. Meeting Minutes issues
  14. Derivative Actions
  15. Board of Directors eligibility, removal, vacancy and selection issues
  16. Renewal of corporate existence issues
  17. Dissolution of corporate entity
  18. Filing of Annual Reports, Change in Resident Agent and other documents to LARA

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