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Bylaw Enforcement

One of the most important jobs of a community association is to enforce the various regulations contained in the governing documents. In most cases, the condominium bylaws or restrictive covenants allow for a community association to recover attorney’s fees and costs for having to take action to enforce the governing documents. The Farmington litigation attorneys at Hirzel Law routinely assist Michigan condominium associations and homeowners with enforcing their governing documents through litigation.


Michigan community associations are heavily reliant on collecting assessments in order to provide essential services and fund their operations.  Hirzel Law, PLC handles all aspects of collection activities that range from the initial demand letter, recording a lien for unpaid assessments, foreclosing by advertisement, judicial foreclosure, filing a complaint for a money judgment, bankruptcy issues and lien priority issues.  While litigation is often a last resort, non-compliant co-owners and owners often leave associations little choice, but to enforce collection actions.  Hirzel Law attorneys aggressively pursue delinquent co-owners and owners who fail to pay their association dues.

Commercial Litigation

Hirzel Law attorneys have extensive commercial litigation experience and is routinely appear in state and federal courts. This experience includes successful results in at both at the trial court level and in the Court of Appeals.  This includes all aspects of contractual disputes, construction litigation, title litigation and other real estate matters.

Construction and Design Defects

The Construction Law attorneys at Hirzel Law are prepared to assist builders, developers and individual property owners with any issues relating to Construction and Design Defects.  Claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud or negligence often result from defective design, materials or workmanship.

  • Defective Design.  Construction defects arise from the deficient design of a structure or system results that makes it partially unusable, fully unusable or results in the creation of a safety hazard.  Design defects often include poorly designed drainage, electrical systems, failing to account for site conditions, foundations, heating and cooling, plumbing, roofs, siding and trusses, among other things. The Construction Lawyers at Hirzel Law are prepared to assist you with any construct defect claims that you have that result from design defects.
  • Defective Materials.   Construction defects can result from materials that fail due to poor product design, lack of testing and/or missteps in the manufacturing process. Poor product design and manufacturing errors often leads construction defects.  Examples of common material defects include defective doors, shingles, siding or windows.  The Construction Lawyers at Hirzel Law are prepared to assist you with any construct defect claims that you have that result from design defects.
  • Defective Workmanship.  Poor workmanship is one of the leading causes of construction defects.  Poor workmanship occurs when the builder fails to meet specifications such as building codes, contract specifications, design plans, industry standards or manufacturer’s specifications. Workmanship defects can also result from the use of materials that differ from the design plans.  The Construction Lawyers at Hirzel Law are prepared to assist you with any construct defect claims that you have that result from defective workmanship.

Real Estate

Real estate litigation is one of the chief areas in which Hirzel Law attorneys excel.  The Michigan real estate litigation lawyers at Hirzel Law each come from a commercial litigation background and bring years of this litigation experience to the real estate practice area. While having to file a court action is often not the first choice for clients, in some instances it is unavoidable and necessary to fully protect a client’s interest. The attorneys at Hirzel Law have appeared and argued in state trial and appellate courts throughout the State of Michigan, the federal district courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Michigan, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The Hirzel Law attorneys have handled cases which have resulted in published real estate cases in both the Michigan Court of Appeals and Sixth Circuit.

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