We can handle all aspects of collections for homeowners associations.

Michigan HOA Lawyers

Michigan HOA Lawyers For Homeowners Association Collections

Michigan homeowners associations rely heavily on collecting assessments from property owners to provide essential services and fund HOA operations. Whenever an owner fails to pay an assessment, the other owners are unfairly forced to shoulder the burden of the homeowners association’s operating costs. Our Michigan HOA lawyers can help collect unpaid assessments.

Michigan homeowners associations must be aggressive, proactive and diligent in pursuing delinquent owners for unpaid assessments. This helps ensure your homeowners association can continue to provide essential services to all owners.

Instead of handling this complicated process yourself, leave HOA collections to the experienced Michigan HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC. We pursue assessment collections in the most straightforward manner possible.

Our award-winning Michigan HOA lawyers handle all aspects of collection activities including:

  • the initial demand letter
  • recording a lien for unpaid assessments
  • foreclosing by advertisement
  • judicial foreclosure
  • filing a complaint for a money judgment
  • bankruptcy issues
  • lien priority issues
  • collecting judgments

Recovering HOA Lawyer Collections Fees and Costs

In most cases, the restrictive covenants, declaration or deed restrictions allow for the homeowners association to recover the attorney’s fees and costs that are incurred in pursuing collections. Given that the attorney’s fees and costs are added onto the unpaid assessments that are to be paid by the owner, homeowners associations do not have an excuse for failing to take action to collect unpaid assessments.

Online Michigan HOA Collection Portal

We offer an online collection portal for Michigan homeowners associations to make collections relatively easy. If you sign up for our Premium Service Plan, there is no cost to use the online collection portal to track your collections.

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The Right Michigan HOA Lawyers for Your Needs

Michigan HOA clients come to us with huge, messy problems—like assessment collections—because of our track record in resolving complex issues. Our cutting-edge thinking and exceptional legal skills have garnered us numerous awards. Our Michigan HOA lawyers are known for client education and highly responsive customer service.

Contact Our HOA Lawyers for Help with Assessment Collections

Collecting unpaid assessments is not fun for homeowners associations, but it’s necessary for optimal functioning. Contact Hirzel Law PLC online or call 248-478-1800 (Farmington) or 231-486-5600 (Traverse City) to see how our Michigan HOA lawyers can collect delinquent assessments on your Michigan HOA’s behalf.

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I have always had great experience with Hirzel Law. They are very responsive; and provide professional and practical legal support to our communities.
- Jeff L.

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