Condominium & HOA Lawyers in Lansing, MI

A significant factor contributing to an efficient and properly managed condominium and homeowners association (HOA) in Lansing, Michigan, is counsel from an experienced attorney. Condominium and HOAs frequently confront legal issues that can lead to even more complex challenges if not handled appropriately from the start. For instance, Lansing community associations regularly deal with contractual disputes, difficulties with developer turnover, HOA collections, enforcement of HOA rules, amending HOA covenants, Fair Housing Act compliance, and more.

Michigan Condominium Lawyers for Condo CollectionsRegardless of what situations affect your condo or homeowners association, you will need the professional knowledge of an experienced Lansing condominium and HOA attorney on your side. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our award-winning Lansing condo and HOA attorneys can help you effectively navigate whatever legal issues you face with our in-depth knowledge of Michigan and federal condo and HOA laws. Let our team of seasoned condo and HOA lawyers put their experience to work for you to protect your community association’s best interests and mitigate the potential of future problems before they arise.

Do I Need to Retain a Condo & HOA Attorney in Lansing, Michigan?

Managing a condo or homeowners association in Lansing, Michigan, typically involves various legal issues with numerous third parties, including owners, renters, contractors, or vendors. Having a reputable lawyer as your trusted advisor in such a case can make the situation far less stressful and worrisome.

Partnering with an experienced lawyer provides a broad range of benefits for operating a condo and homeowners association. At Hirzel Law, our dynamic team of litigators has helped hundreds of condo associations and HOAs in Lansing and throughout Michigan. When you hire our condo and HOA attorneys, you can rest assured knowing that we will zealously represent and safeguard your condo or HOA’s best interests while minimizing possible future legal challenges.

Legal Assistance for Condominium & HOA Cases in Michigan

Condominium associations and HOAs frequently experience situations that could give rise to legal battles. For that reason, many of them hire a knowledgeable legal team who have the professional experience to help. At Hirzel Law, our lawyers in Lansing are committed to effectively assisting condominium and homeowner associations in finding practical solutions to a myriad of legal matters while keeping in compliance with the Michigan Condominium Act. Hirzel Law’s condo and homeowners association attorneys are proud to provide the highest level of legal representation in a wide range of complex legal situations, including but not limited to the following areas:

HOA Collections

Condominium and homeowners association dues are obtained to pay for essential services within the community, but sometimes a property owner will either overlook or neglect to pay this necessary expense. The attorneys at Hirzel Law can assist in collecting unpaid fees and support condo and homeowners associations by:

  • Drafting demand letters to property owners
  • Recording a foreclosing HOA lien for unpaid fees
  • Evaluating HOA Lien priority issues
  • Filing lawsuits against property owners to obtain money judgments

HOA & Condominium Contracts 

As a condo or HOA representative in Lansing, Michigan, making contractual agreements is essential to provide crucial services. Hirzel Law’s skilled condominium and homeowners association attorneys are highly experienced in resolving certain matters associated with a breach of contract for:

  • Construction
  • Cable and internet service
  • Insurance
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Modification agreement
  • Professional property management
  • Repairs
  • Snowplowing

Developer Liability 

When developers transfer the power of their condominium associations to co-owners, legal representation from an attorney adept in condominium law can help prevent problems from occurring throughout the process and with matters such as:

  • Reviewing the new developer’s contract
  • Financial audits and reviews
  • Warranty claims
  • Illegal expansion of a condominium
  • Claims of fraud and misrepresentation
  • Failure to pay assessments or expenses
  • Elimination of “need not be built” units under MCL 559.167

HOA Insurance Coverage 

Disputes with insurance providers are never simple, but every Michigan HOA must obtain the required insurance coverage and policies that can help the association in case of an emergency, including:

  • Fires
  • Vandalism
  • General liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Crime or Fidelity bond coverage 
  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance 

Condominium Association Regulations 

For the condo and homeowners associations in Lansing, Michigan, the board of directors usually imposes a set of rules and regulations that all members of the condo or HOA must follow. Hirzel Law’s condo and HOA lawyers are highly experienced in composing standard HOA rules and regulations for condo associations in Lansing, including:

  • Architectural control procedures
  • Bylaw enforcement policies
  • Board of directors codes of conduct
  • Clubhouse rules
  • Collection policies
  • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
  • Fine procedures
  • Maintenance matrixes
  • Modification request procedures
  • Parking rules
  • Pet policies
  • Pool rules
  • Recreational facilities usage policies
  • Satellite dish/antenna rules

Recurring Legal Support for Condominium & Homeowners Associations in Lansing

HOA RulesOne of the most common challenges for condominium associations and homeowners associations is that they frequently require legal support in various matters throughout the year. As a consequence of frequently working with so many contracts and vendors, condominium associations and HOAs may require the help of an experienced attorney with comprehensive knowledge of Michigan’s HOA and condominium laws. To meet this need, Hirzel Law offers a Premium Service Plan for Lansing homeowner and condo associations. 

The extensive Premium Service Plan from Hirzel Law enables representatives of condominium and homeowner associations to rest easy knowing they are supported with dependable legal services. For an annual fee, our Premium Service Plan unlocks a wide array of benefits, including:  

  • Year-long access to Hirzel Law webinars for all board members
  • Invitation to ask general questions
  • Preparing a Condominium or HOA Report Card for related governing documents 
  • Representation from Hirzel Law as the Resident Agent for the condominium or homeowners association
  • Reviews of any HOA Board Meeting minutes
  • Access to our online library of standardized condo and HOA forms 
  • Access to our online collection portal to monitor HOA collections status
  • A copy of Hirzel’s Handbook to help your condominium or homeowners association successfully operate

Having an experienced HOA attorney on your side is fundamental to the success of any condo or homeowners association that answers to Michigan condominium and homeowners association laws. With our Premium Service Plan, your condo or HOA is legally supported throughout the whole year. 

Contact an Experienced Condo & HOA Attorney in Lansing, Michigan

Handling the challenging legal intricacies of condominium and homeowner association laws is often a stressful ordeal for most representatives. The seasoned team of condo and HOA lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC understand the numerous challenges that board members and individuals who work for a community association meet. We strongly recommend that you retain trusted legal counsel who can support your condo or HOA should any problems arise.

At Hirzel Law, our commitment to our clients is unmatched as we believe that listening to our clients’ goals and swiftly responding to their needs is of the greatest importance. This commitment to our clients has earned our firm various recognitions and awards, including a 10.0 Superb Top Attorney Avvo Rating, Leading Lawyers Network, Super Lawyers, and more.

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