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Macomb Township Condo/HOA lawyersHere at Hirzel Law, PLC, we pride ourselves on our award-winning legal experience to help our clients navigate Michigan condominium and HOA laws. Our team of trusted lawyers has represented clients from all over Macomb Township to help them resolve complex legal issues related to HOA and condo association law.

The passionate lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC are committed to educating clients, building solid cases, and providing dedicated legal representation to any individual or company that is facing difficult condominium and HOA matters in Michigan. 

Lawyers Specializing in Updating and Enforcing Condo and HOA Bylaws in Macomb Township

One of the many responsibilities that a condominium association must uphold is a regular review of their articles of incorporation, master deed, condominium bylaws, and rules. This practice helps to ensure that the association is complying with applicable laws, adequately addressing owners’ needs, as well as any updates or changes in technology being used. 

In 2015 and 2018, major updates were made to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, MCL 450.2101, et. seq., Act 162 of 1982. Any articles of incorporation that were created prior to those dates should be adjusted immediately to comply with state regulations. Some of the changes to the Act include:

  • Electronic voting and participation in meetings
  • Limitations on director and officer liability
  • Association record inspection requirements
  • Approval for the creation of nonexecutive committees

Revisions of important documents may also be necessary for master deeds and bylaws that do not address current community issues such as short-term rentals (like Airbnb), pets, and more. Any conflicting bylaws in Macomb Township condominium or HOA guidelines can also easily be adjusted with the help of an experienced lawyer.  

A trusted legal professional from Hirzel Law, PLC can also counsel you on the best way to enforce existing bylaws and guidelines. This process can include issuing warning notices both physically and electronically, suspending certain privileges, charging fines, or placing a lien. Our lawyers can help you draft a streamlined approach to your bylaw enforcement policy and walk you through the process step by step.

Collections for Condominium Associations in Macomb Township

Dues are a necessary part of any condominium association or HOA which helps provide essential services to the community by funding HOA and condo association operations. Keeping up with fee collections is essential to the success of condo and HOA associations in Macomb Township, and the lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC are experienced with helping our clients collect overdue association fees. 

Our lawyers have worked with a variety of condo associations and HOA in Michigan to create collections policies that ensure those with delinquent fees are treated fairly and the situation is handled efficiently. Although HOA and condo associations can send notices of late payment to collect monthly or quarterly dues, laws in Michigan don’t allow non-attorneys to perform legal services on behalf of a nonprofit corporation, including HOA or condo associations. This is why many HOA and condo associations regularly seek out legal counsel from experienced lawyers.

Legal Counsel for Macomb Township HOA/Condo Associations

Hirzel Law, PLC provides a variety of resources and legal services, including counsel and representation, for clients in Macomb Township. Our experienced lawyers are trained in many aspects of Michigan law to better serve our clients. We have proudly assisted Michigan clients with legal cases involving:

  • Fair Housing Act compliance
  • Michigan Condominium Act compliance
  • Developer turnover
  • Developer liability
  • Financial audits
  • Insurance coverage
  • Contract review
  • Establishing regulations
  • Elections and voting
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Community rules

Legal complications are common when working with HOA and condominium associations. Many of these organizations find themselves requiring the assistance of a condo/HOA lawyer several times each year to help create and review important legal documents, provide experienced counsel, and ensure that regulations are upheld. 

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Many of the legal problems that Michigan condominium associations and HOA’s face are complex, which is why it is necessary to retain an experienced lawyer who has decades of experience with successfully navigating Michigan HOA and condominium law in Macomb Township. 

The experienced team at Hirzel Law, PLC has worked with communities across Michigan to ensure they are able to manage every legal issue that comes their way, whether that means updating community bylaws, obtaining late HOA fees, or providing general legal counsel on important condominium matters. 

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