Real Estate Attorneys in Northville, MI

real estate attorney northvilleIf you are selling or purchasing property in Northville, Michigan, you will likely need to work through complex legal issues. An experienced Northville real estate lawyer can help those involved in the process of managing or developing real estate handle the complicated issues that often arise in this field.

The Hirzel Law, PLC team has years of experience and has represented clients in Northville for various real estate legal matters, from making sense of local zoning restrictions to drafting titles and deeds. Our skilled attorneys can help you understand the complicated and nuanced aspects of Michigan’s real estate laws and make sure that your next project in Northville is a success.

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Overcome Legal Issues in Northville, Michigan

The award-winning Hirzel Law, PLC team prides itself on its ability to handle a variety of legal issues that many real estate professionals experience in Northville. We are experienced in handling the following types of real estate legal matters:

  • Construction Contracts
  • Construction Liens
  • Construction Litigation
  • Due Diligence
  • Estoppel Letters
  • Financing
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Leases
  • Letters of Intent
  • Promissory Notes and Guarantees
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Zoning Requirements

Need Help Handling a Boundary Dispute in Northville, Michigan?

Often involving neighbors in a legal dispute about a property line they share based on historical use that do not match the legal descriptions contained in deeds.  Examples of boundary dispute cases that Hirzel Law, PLC handles re: 

The Hirzel Law real estate attorneys can thoroughly investigate your boundary dispute in Northville, provide a factual assessment of the claims, and explain how the boundaries and properties have been managed over time. This can clear any confusion with the neighboring title holders by determining the exact border around the property.

Legal Representation for a Title Dispute in Northville, Michigan

Depending on the project, a title dispute could arise between landowners with adjoined properties. Neighboring owners can disagree on the rightful owner of a section of either property. These issues can result from issues with liens or probate disputes.

Anyone who purchases property in Northville should check that their property is zoned for its intended purposes. It is crucial to determine if the boundaries of the properties correspond with any previous explanations of their purpose and that no other party has a legal claim to the property.

Managing a title dispute is usually too complicated for most real estate professionals to handle without the guidance of an experienced real estate attorney who has handled these types of cases in the past.

Legal Assistance for Residential Development in Northville, Michigan

Our real estate development lawyers work with clients to explore the various possible solutions for their legal issues and take care of legal matters that can arise throughout the real estate development process, such as:

  • Drafting suitable rules and regulations for various types of residential developments
  • Helping developers attain the necessary governmental endorsements
  • Preparing declarations, covenants, and restrictions for subdivisions
  • Preparing the master deed and bylaws to establish condominium projects
  • Resolving any issues concerning building permits or certificates of occupancy
  • Writing up disclosure statements, escrow agreements, and other sales documents

Hirzel Law can help submit a quiet title action and a notice of lis pendens if necessary. Quiet title actions can verify the appropriate title to a particular property against any hostile claimants and prevent further claims from other interest holders.

Get an Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Northville to Ensure You Comply with Local Ordinances 

Maintaining compliance and ensuring that you are meeting Northville’s zoning ordinances can present various challenges. A Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorney can walk you through the best way to handle any legal matters that may arise. 

Our firm has received community recognition for our client satisfaction, and once you partner with us, you’ll see why. Call (248) 986-2921 or complete our contact form today to speak with a skilled attorney who can help you with your Northville real estate legal matters.