Southfield Real Estate Lawyers

real estate lawyersChallenging legal issues are a common problem faced by many property owners or soon-to-be property owners in Southfield. Managing complicated real estate problems can be difficult to do alone, especially when it comes to nuanced boundary disputes or elaborate projects that require additional phases of development. Here at Hirzel Law, PLC, our lawyers are trained to provide experienced legal counsel to Michigan real estate professionals in Southfield.  

Hirzel Law Manages Complex Real Estate Cases in Southfield

Our Southfield real estate lawyers are passionate about partnering with local real estate landlords, developers, homeowners, and other commercial clients in Southfield to help them navigate the difficult legal problems that often occur in Michigan real estate. The award-winning team at Hirzel Law has years of training in all varieties of complicated real estate matters, including but not limited to the ones listed below.

Common Southfield Boundary Disputes 

In some cases, a Southfield property owner may claim title to additional land through the adverse possession doctrine. These situations often result in a boundary dispute, and they can be difficult to manage if you do not have the necessary legal representation. The team at Hirzel Law has successfully helped clients with cases involving: 

  • Acquiescence
  • Adverse possession
  • Deed or easement documentation
  • Trespassing
  • Updating property boundaries

Boundary disputes often stand in the way of completing a real estate project if the property owner, or a neighbor, is halting construction on the property in question. When this occurs, you need help from a reliable real estate lawyer that you can trust to help you reach an appropriate agreement and settle the dispute professionally.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys in Southfield

At the beginning of a commercial real estate project, a variety of problems have been known to occur. The real estate attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC, are experienced in commercial real estate and have helped developers on even the most challenging legal matters. Our team has successfully worked with clients to assist them with:

  • Construction contracts
  • Construction liens
  • Construction litigation
  • Due diligence
  • Estoppel letters
  • Financing
  • Insurance analysis
  • Land use 
  • Lease agreements
  • Letters of intent
  • Permits
  • Project development
  • Promissory notes and guarantees
  • Purchase agreements
  • Zoning requirements

Many aspects of the initial real estate development process require the counsel of an experienced legal professional. The complexities of Michigan real estate law have made it challenging to take on most cases if there is not a dedicated lawyer on your side. Our reliable lawyers are dedicated to helping Southfield clients see their projects from start to finish, no matter what legal issues occur in between.

Lawyers for Residential Real Estate Development in Southfield

When it comes to residential development projects in Southfield, there are many small issues that can potentially grow into larger complications if they are not taken care of quickly. Establishing bylaws, deeds, and other important documents can be complicated, but completing them is necessary for the success of your residential development project. Our team is trained to handle many different residential complications, including: 

  • Creating rules and regulations 
  • Drafting sales documents e.g., disclosure statements and escrow agreements
  • Managing bylaws and master deeds 
  • Navigating issues related to certificates of occupancy or building permits
  • Securing the required government approvals
  • Supervising the construction of individual homes 
  • Writing covenants, declarations, and restrictions

Clients in Southfield real estate transactions understand how difficult it is to manage these common legal issues while also working on other areas of their project. Handling several real estate responsibilities at once is challenging enough without the added stress of a legal issue but having a lawyer you can rely on is a great way to ensure that your case will be handled with the care and diligence it requires.

Title Disputes in Southfield, Michigan

One of the most essential aspects of the real estate development process is obtaining a title for the property. However, these titles can cause complex legal issues for property owners in Southfield. The team at Hirzel Law has firsthand experience in managing Michigan title disputes and can help you assign the correct title to a property, file a title action suit, record a notice of lis pendens, negotiate ongoing title disputes, and prevent any future claims by interest holders. 

Southfield Zoning and Land Use Planning

Our team has helped various builders, owners, and land developers with their real estate projects across Michigan, providing years of experience managing an array of difficult legal matters related to real estate zoning and local land usage. The lawyers at Hirzel Law have successfully assisted clients with cases that covered:

  • Appearing before a board for zoning approval or appeals
  • Compliance with the Zoning Enabling Act
  • Interpreting ordinances
  • Pursuing a zoning variance
  • Splitting lots and obtaining the necessary municipal approval

For most cases of zoning or land use problems, there is no requirement for legal action. If there are any modifications to a plat such as adjusting or evacuating any land designated for public use, the parties involved must file a lawsuit in a Michigan Circuit Court. Once the final order has been obtained from the Circuit Court, MCL 560.227a details the way that a property title vests after departure. 

Knowledgeable Real Estate Lawyers in Southfield, MI

Southfield real estate attorneysAddressing complex real estate issues is a challenge for even the most experienced Southfield professional. Nuanced laws and regulations make it difficult to ensure that each aspect of your real estate case is covered. Our firm has worked with various real estate clients in our community to provide a better understanding of how different laws apply to certain real estate issues that commonly occur in Michigan. 

The Michigan real estate lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC, are qualified in all aspects of law related to the development and implementation of real estate projects in Southfield, Michigan. Our team has been recognized, both nationally and throughout our community, for our passionate dedication to client satisfaction, receiving acknowledgment from Michigan Top Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, and the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers. 

To begin working on your Southfield real estate case, book your one-on-one consultation with a reliable real estate lawyer from Hirzel Law by calling (248) 986-2921 or reaching out to us online today.