Condominium & HOA Lawyers in Sterling Heights


Sterling Heights Condominium and Homeowners Association LawyersThe key to a well-run condominium and homeowners association (HOA) in Sterling Heights, Michigan is help from an experienced lawyer who is trained in condo and HOA law. There are many instances where a condo association may encounter certain legal issues, such as enforcing HOA rules, managing contractual disputes, amending HOA covenants, issues with developer turnover, HOA collections, and Fair Housing Act compliance. No matter what circumstances are impacting your condo or homeowners association, you will need the expertise of a qualified Sterling Heights condominium and HOA lawyer.

Dealing with complex cases involving condominium or homeowners association regulations can be challenging to do alone. If you find yourself in a situation where you require the help of skilled condo or HOA lawyers in Sterling Heights, the experienced and award-winning legal professionals at Hirzel Law, PLC can help you manage your case with care. Our team will work to produce the best possible outcome for your specific situation utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of Michigan’s condo and HOA laws. 

Do I Need to Hire a Condo and HOA Lawyer in Sterling Heights?

Working as a representative for a condominium or homeowners association in Sterling Heights, Michigan, you can encounter legal problems with various third parties such as renters, owners, vendors, or contractors. When this occurs, having a powerful lawyer on your side can make the situation much easier. 

Working with an experienced lawyer has a variety of benefits when it comes to dealing with condo and HOA matters, and the trusted team at Hirzel Law, PLC can help you take some of the stress out of legal complications.

Legal Help for Condominium and HOA Cases in Michigan

Homeowner and condominium associations often encounter situations that could result in potential legal issues, which is why so many of them work with an experienced team of legal representatives who have the professional knowledge to help. Here at Hirzel Law, PLC, our attorneys in Sterling Heights are dedicated to successfully helping condominium and homeowner associations work through a variety of legal issues, ensuring compliance with the Michigan Condominium Act. Our attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC are trained to help in a number of complicated legal situations, including but not limited to:

  • HOA and Condominium Collections – Fees obtained by the HOA and condo association are used for essential services within the community, but occasionally a homeowner will either forget or neglect to pay this necessary cost. The lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC can help to collect unpaid fees and support homeowners associations by:
    • Drafting demand letters to homeowners
    • Filing lawsuits against homeowners to obtain money judgments
    • Representing homeowners associations during legal proceedings 
  • HOA and Condominium Contracts – Entering into a contracted agreement for essential services is a necessary aspect of being a representative for homeowners or a condominium association in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Legal professionals, like the ones at Hirzel Law, PLC, work with these associations to resolve certain issues related to breach of contract for:
    • Construction work
    • General maintenance
    • Repairs 
    • Cable and internet services
    • Landscaping
  • Developer Liability – When developers transition the control of their condominium associations to another party, most often to another co-owner, representation from a law team trained in condominium law can prevent complications from arising during the process and can help with issues such as:
    • Reviewing the new developer’s contract
    • Financial audits 
    • Unauthorized expansion of a condominium
    • Claims of fraud 
    • Failure to pay dues or expenses
    • Warranty claims
  • HOA Insurance Coverage – Problems with insurance companies are never easy, but every HOA is required to obtain the necessary insurance coverage and policies that can aid the association in the event of an emergency such as:
    • Vandalism or crime
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Workers’ compensation
  • Condo Association Regulations – For the condominium and homeowners associations in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the board of directors often implement a set of rules and regulations that all members of the association must follow, which can include:
    • Architectural development
    • Codes of conduct
    • Rules for the clubhouse
    • Policies on HOA fee collection
    • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
    • Parking guidelines
    • Pet policies
    • Pool usage

Recurring Legal Representation for HOA and Condo Associations in Sterling Heights

One of the most common obstacles that condominium and homeowners associations face is that they often require legal assistance on a year-round basis. Frequently working with contracts and vendors can necessitate the help of a well-qualified lawyer who has years of experience working with Michigan’s HOA and condominium laws, which is why Hirzel Law, PLC offers a Premium Service Plan for Sterling Heights homeowner and condo associations. 

The comprehensive Premium Service Plan from Hirzel Law, PLC allows representatives of homeowner and condominium associations to have peace of mind by providing them with consistent and ongoing legal services. Utilizing our Premium Service Plan unlocks benefits and resources that include:

  • Year-long access to Hirzel Law webinars for all board members
  • Invitation to ask general questions
  • Preparing a Condominium or HOA Report Card for related governing documents 
  • Representation from Hirzel Law as the Resident Agent for the condominium or homeowners association
  • Reviews of any HOA Board Meeting minutes
  • Access to our online library of standardized condo and HOA forms 
  • Access to our online collection portal to monitor HOA collections status

Having an HOA lawyer that you can trust is necessary to the success of any association that deals with Michigan condominium and homeowners association laws. With our Premium Service Plan, you can trust that your HOA or condo is protected throughout the entire year. 

Contact a Trusted Condo & HOA Lawyer in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Managing the difficult legal complexities of homeowner and condominium association laws can be time-consuming for many representatives. The experienced team of lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC is familiar with the challenges that those who work in the HOA field face, and we encourage you to retain the reliable services of legal representatives who can counsel your community association if any difficulties arise.

Our goal at Hirzel Law, PLC is to work alongside condo associations and HOA boards in Sterling Heights, Michigan to ensure that they remain compliant with all state and federal laws.  The award-winning lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC have maintained a reputation for reliable customer service, and we specialize in our dedication and commitment to educating each association and community board we work with. 

When you need to work with a dependable team of legal professionals, contact the offices of Hirzel Law, PLC. Call us at 248-986-2290 or reach out to us online to learn how our experienced Sterling Heights condo and HOA lawyers can help you today.