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Community associations must regularly tackle unique legal matters, each with its own set of challenges. As a condo or homeowners’ association (HOA) board member, attempting to manage these complicated issues on your own could end up causing further problems and eating up a substantial chunk of your association’s time and budget.

Leave your condo and HOA legal matters to the professionals and save yourself the headache. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our experienced condo and HOA lawyers understand the laws that regulate Washington Township community associations. Our team can help ensure that your condo or homeowners association remains in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. When you partner with our team, we can easily handle all of your condo and HOA legal matters.

Why Your Washington Township Condo or HOA Needs a Michigan Attorney on the Team

It is not uncommon for legal problems to surface when community associations coordinate with owners, renters, or vendors. Fortunately, when you have a Hirzel Law, PLC attorney on your team, these troubles are usually easily overcome. This is because our condo and HOA lawyers serve as trusted advisors and educators to your community association, allowing for prompt mitigation of legal matters as soon as they develop.

When condo and homeowners associations in Washington Township need legal counsel, our team can help by providing services such as:

  • Collecting judgments
  • Drafting association regulations, including:
    • Architectural control procedures
    • Bylaw enforcement policies
    • Board of directors codes of conduct
    • Clubhouse rules
    • Collection policies
    • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
    • Fine procedures
    • Maintenance matrixes
    • Modification request procedures
    • Parking rules
    • Pet policies
    • Pool rules
    • Recreational facilities usage policies
    • Satellite dish/antenna rules
  • Examining HOA Lien priority issues
  • Filing lawsuits, if needed
  • Foreclosing HOA Liens
  • Obtaining unpaid HOA dues
  • Recording HOA liens for unpaid HOA assessments
  • Representing community associations in bankruptcy or probate proceedings
  • Writing demand letters

Some HOAs neglect to take legal action to collect delinquent HOA assessments for fear of attorney fees. However, many governing document permit a community association to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs for having to collect on a delinquency.

Legal Assistance in Washington Township for Condo and HOA Contractual Agreements

Running a condominium or homeowners association in Washington Township requires entering contractual agreements with third parties for services vital to the community’s operation. Condo and HOAs often enter contractual agreements for:

  • Construction
  • Cable and internet service
  • Insurance
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Modification agreement
  • Professional property management
  • Repairs
  • Snowplowing

All HOA contracts should be in writing, and an experienced HOA lawyer should thoroughly review major contracts for the protection of your association’s interests. With Hirzel Law, PLC, our legal team can help resolve any breaches of contract by vendors or other contractual agreement disputes that affect your community.

Reach Out to a Dedicated Condominium and HOA Attorney that serves Washington Township

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our focus is real estate and HOA law, so our lawyers understand the difficulties that condominium and homeowners associations face in Washington Township. We can help community association boards make sense of the legal jargon that dictates their operations.

Our ability to stay on the edge of Michigan HOA laws has granted our firm numerous awards. Best Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers have all presented our attorneys with awards.

Our HOA lawyers serving Washington Township are known for providing client education and highly responsive customer service. Allow our award-winning condo and HOA attorneys to resolve your complex legal issues. Call us at (248) 986-2921or send us a completed contact form to partner with an experienced condominium and homeowners’ association lawyer on the Hirzel Law, PLC team today.