Ann Arbor Real Estate Lawyers

Modern real estate laws can be difficult to manage for those who are entering the current market without first retaining the services of an experienced real estate lawyer. Individual property owners, contractors, developers, and companies working in Ann Arbor real estate can encounter legal complications involving land disputes, contracts, zoning, and more. 

Decades of experience have given the team at Hirzel Law, PLC an advantage in helping our clients in Michigan navigate real estate law when they experience a complicated legal issue. Our award-winning attorneys are committed to continuously educating our clients and delivering the best possible service to those in the real estate industry. 

Legal Services for Real Estate Cases in Ann Arbor

The team at Hirzel Law has proudly worked with Ann Arbor real estate communities by providing expert guidance to hundreds of clients that require strong representation or legal counsel for their real estate cases. In addition to encouraging the continued education of real estate representatives, the lawyers at Hirzel Law also offer a full range of legal services for real estate matters, including but not limited to:

  • Creating and reviewing contracts or agreements
  • Processing easements and licenses
  • Reviewing residential commercial leases
  • Establishing financing, mortgages, and promissory notes
  • Drafting liens and encumbrances
  • Completing due diligence
  • Preparing closing documents
  • Assisting in private real estate transactions
  • Managing state and local tax

The trusted team at Hirzel Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan, can answer any of your legal questions and provide you with the knowledge necessary to effectively manage your real estate requirements. In addition to education on Ann Arbor real estate matters, a qualified lawyer from Hirzel Law can also provide other services when managing your real estate case. 

Areas of Ann Arbor Real Estate Covered at Hirzel Law, PLC

When you retain the help of a real estate lawyer, you need the assistance of a legal professional who has a thorough understanding of all areas of Michigan real estate law. There are a variety of unique areas that a qualified real estate lawyer should be able to  address, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Title disputes: Includes assigning titles to property, filing a title action suit, and writing a notice of lis pendens. 
  • Boundary disputes: Includes creating deeds and easements, writing any related documents, updating property boundaries, and handling cases of acquiescence.
  • Zoning and land use: Includes planning and building projects, monitoring development, gathering municipal approval, splitting lots, managing variances and ordinances, and appearing before a zoning board.
  • Residential development: Includes writing deeds, enforcing restrictions, establishing community bylaws, and creating relevant documents.
  • Commercial real estate: Includes overseeing the sale and purchase of land, managing financial aspects of a project, writing development contracts, obtaining required permits, participating in eviction proceedings, creating lease agreements, and establishing other important documents. 

No individual who works within the real estate industry should have to deal with related legal matters on their own. The best choice is to contact a reliable real estate lawyer in Ann Arbor to work with you on continuing the development of your current project, managing your legal disputes, and providing you with expert counsel when you need it.

Benefits of Retaining an Ann Arbor Real Estate Lawyer

Michigan Condominium Lawyers for Condo CollectionsRegulations and guidelines in the real estate industry can present complex legal problems for many builders, developers, and property owners in Michigan. By retaining the help of an experienced real estate lawyer in Ann Arbor, clients who represent both corporate and individual real estate interests can receive legal counsel from qualified professionals that have dedicated years to understanding and effectively applying the principles of Michigan real estate law. 

In addition to their prior experience managing real estate law and related legal matters, a real estate lawyer can access various resources that can provide additional evidence and strengthen a case. Knowing how to approach your unique situation is key to obtaining a successful outcome, and the team at Hirzel Law has spent decades helping clients understand and prepare for real estate cases. 

Retaining an Ann Arbor real estate lawyer provides clients with access to dedicated, reliable, and responsive legal counseling. If necessary, the lawyers at Hirzel Law are also prepared to represent you or your company in court. Our team has successfully worked with hundreds of clients in Michigan on real estate matters for decades, and we are proud to continue providing expert legal counsel to the community in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Ann Arbor, Michigan

HOA RulesManaging the legal complexities of Ann Arbor real estate laws can be time-consuming for many representatives. The dedicated team of lawyers at Hirzel Law is familiar with the difficulties that those who work in real estate encounter, and we encourage you to retain the qualified and reliable services of legal representatives who can counsel you and help evaluate your case.

At Hirzel Law, our goal is to educate our clients on important Michigan real estate laws and ensure that they remain compliant with all state and federal regulations. Our real estate attorneys have earned multiple awards for our work, including awards from Best Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers which have maintained a reputation in the community for reliable customer service. We specialize in our commitment to delivering experienced representation for each of our clients. 

When you need to work with a skilled team of legal professionals in Ann Arbor, contact the offices of Hirzel Law, PLC. Reach out to us online or call us today at 248-986-2290 to learn how our award-winning Ann Arbor real estate lawyers can help you.