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Like any business, condominium, and homeowners associations (HOA) should be represented by legal professionals dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome in any legal matter. If you manage a community association in Dearborn, retaining an experienced condo and HOA lawyer can provide you with peace of mind knowing your condo or HOA operates within the law. Local and statewide rules and regulations in Dearborn, Michigan, are incredibly complex. Whether you need legal guidance on collecting delinquent HOA fees or resolving contractual disputes, a seasoned attorney adept in community association laws is vital for smooth and effective operations. 

Hirzel Law, PLC, is an award-winning community association law firm serving clients in Dearborn and throughout Michigan. Our team of dynamic litigators is committed to zealously representing the best interests of our clients, serving as trusted advisors to help them succeed. If your condo or homeowners association in Dearborn requires skilled legal counsel, our talented team of condo and HOA lawyers are ready to help.

How Can a Skilled Condo and HOA Lawyer in Dearborn, Michigan Help?

A myriad of legal headaches can arise while operating a condo or homeowners association in Dearborn, Michigan. Condo and HOA’s often encounter legal issues with: 

  • Contractors
  • Owners
  • Renters
  • Vendors

In these situations, having an experienced attorney on your side can undoubtedly alleviate stress and make difficult circumstances easier to manage. 

When you retain the services of our condo and HOA lawyers, you benefit from our numerous resources. If you need responsive legal assistance you can trust to support your condo or HOA in Dearborn, Michigan, Hirzel Law’s team of attorneys are equipped to advocate for your interests. 

HOA and Condominium Association Attorney in Dearborn 

The array of possible legal challenges that HOAs and condominium associations confront encourages most people who operate them to partner with a skilled legal professional trained to help. 

Hirzel Law’s attorneys are dedicated to supporting condominium and homeowners associations in Dearborn.  We handle a wide range of legal difficulties while ensuring compliance with the Michigan Condominium Act. Our team of litigators has been instrumental to the success of hundreds of condominium and homeowners association across Michigan in many challenging legal circumstances. Some of the ways that our lawyers can help are described below: 

  • HOA and Condominium Association Collections – Fees collected by the condominium and homeowners association are designed to pay for vital services in the community. However, property owners may forget to pay or disregard this necessary cost in a well-run community association. The lawyers at Hirzel Law help condo or homeowners associations collect these unpaid fees when property owners are delinquent by:  
    • Writing demand letters to property owners
    • Filing HOA Liens 
    • Foreclosing on HOA Liens 
    • Filing lawsuits against property owners to obtain money judgments
  • HOA and Condo Contracts – The fulfillment of contracts for required services is a necessary component of managing a condo or HOA in Dearborn, Michigan. Legal professionals, like those at Hirzel Law, resolve vendor issues associated with a breach of contract for:
    • Repairs 
    • Construction work
    • Landscaping
    • General maintenance
    • Modification agreements
    • Internet and cable services
    • Insurance
  • Developer Liability – When a developer transfers control of the condo associations to the co-owners, our attorneys can prevent complications that may occur and help condo and HOAs navigate challenging matters, such as:
    • Construction defects 
    • Financial audits and reviews
    • Fulfillment of express and implied warranties 
    • Funding the reserve fund
    • Issues under MCL 559.167 related to the elimination of “need not be built” units
    • Unlawful reconfiguration a condominium
    • Unpaid fees or expenses
  • Condo and HOA Insurance Protection – Difficulties with insurance providers are always problematic. Still, all condominium and homeowners associations should acquire appropriate insurance coverage and policies in case of emergencies, including: 
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Crime or vandalism 
    • Directors’ and officers’ insurance 
    • Crime or Fidelity bond coverage 
    • Workers’ compensation
  • Condo and HOA Rules and Regulations – The board of directors that oversee HOA and condominium associations in Dearborn is permitted to enforce reasonable rules and regulations that all members must follow. Some of these rules that Hirzel Law’s legal team can help draft involve:
    • Architectural development
    • Codes of conduct
    • Collection Policies 
    • Bylaw enforcement policies
    • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
    • Satellite dish/antenna rules
    • Parking rules
    • Pet policies

Ongoing Legal Support for Condo and HOAs in Dearborn

Condominiums and homeowners associations in Dearborn and throughout Michigan, frequently deal with legal issues. For that reason, most condo and HOA representatives need reliable legal support throughout the year. Hirzel Law offers a comprehensive Premium Service Plan for Dearborn condominiums and HOAs to address such needs for ongoing legal aid.

Clients who utilize our Premium Service Plan enjoy less stress with the assurance that legal professionals are continuously advocating for their best pursuits. Through the Premium Service Plan, clients gain access to resources and advantages that include:

  • Year-long access to Hirzel Law webinars for all board members
  • Preparing a Condominium or HOA Report Card for associated governing documents 
  • Representation from Hirzel Law as the Resident Agent for the condo or homeowners association
  • Opportunities to ask general questions
  • Access to our online collection portal to monitor HOA collections status
  • Admittance to our online library of standardized condo and HOA forms 
  • Reviews of any HOA Board Meeting minutes
  • A complimentary copy of Hirzel’s Handbook

Having a seasoned condominium and HOA lawyer in your corner is key to the success of any community association that must comply with Michigan condominium and homeowners association laws. Our Premium Service Plan is the ideal solution for Dearborn community associations that could benefit from reliable legal support all year long. 

Legal Assistance from Experienced Condo and HOA Lawyers in Dearborn

There is no denying that condo and HOA lawyers play a vital role in community associations. They act as the HOA board of directors’ and representatives’ counsel, informing them on the best practices and turning them away from legal responsibility. 

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our attorneys have won various awards for our commitment to our clients, including the 2020 Detroit Free Press Best of the Best Community Association Choice awards for top law firm. Our attorneys have effectively represented hundreds of condo and HOAs in Michigan and continue to deliver strategic legal support to the Dearborn community and its surrounding areas. Talk to one of our knowledgeable condo and HOA attorneys about your situation in Dearborn today by calling 248-986-2290 or complete an online contact form