Real Estate Attorneys Serving Waterford, Michigan

real estate attorneys serving waterfordPreparing to enter a real estate transaction can be as stressful as it is exciting. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned commercial real estate developer, the laws governing real estate in Waterford, Michigan can be overwhelming and difficult to decipher. With such importance placed on abiding by federal, state, and local laws, it is advised to seek counsel from a Michigan real estate attorney.

The real estate attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC can educate and counsel Waterford, Michigan clients while protecting their real estate investment and interests.

Legal Services for Waterford, Michigan Real Estate Clients

The real estate attorneys at  Hirzel Law, PLC can provide Waterford commercial and residential real estate clients with assistance during any stage of the transaction process, including instances involving:

Given the different components that can potentially impact a real estate transaction, it is advised to have a Michigan real estate lawyer on your side. The real estate attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC can help real estate clients avoid problems before they arise and seek litigation when faced with real estate disputes.

Real Estate Attorneys Resolving Disputes in Waterford, Michigan

When a real estate transaction does not go as planned, it is not uncommon for a dispute to arise. Fortunately, a real estate attorney can help mitigate issues and disputes before they intensify. The real estate attorneys at Hirzel Law, PLC can help resolve real estate disputes involving:

Adverse Possession

In most cases, a boundary dispute will arise when the owners of two adjacent properties are unable to agree on the established border of the properties. The Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorneys we can help identify the true location of the border between two properties. Boundary disputes over shared borders often involve acquiescence, nuisance, trespassing, or adverse possession.

Title Disputes

When purchasing property, it is crucial that it is clearly established in the title who the owner of the property is and usually requires the representation of a real estate attorney. If a title dispute pertaining to your Waterford property has developed, a Hirzel Law, PLC real estate attorney can help negotiate a fair resolution. We may file a quiet title action and record a notice of lis pendens with the register of deeds.

Zoning and Land Use Disputes

Michigan’s Zoning Enabling Act has allowed municipalities to dictate how they manage the properties within their borders. The Hirzel Law, PLC real estate lawyers can assist builders, developers, and property owners in interpreting municipal ordinances, plats, or planned development agreements. Our real estate attorneys equipped to handle all zoning and land use planning issues from project conception through municipal approval.

Legal Counsel for Real Estate Matters in Waterford

Hirzel Law MembersThe team at Hirzel Law, PLC is composed of award-winning real estate attorneys that can offer quality representation for Waterford, Michigan clients. Regardless of if you are a commercial real estate developer or individual homeowner, our real estate attorneys can help.

We fully understand how unique and complex the challenges that our clients may face and our real estate attorneys are prepared to help in whatever way necessary. Contact Hirzel Law online or call 248-986-2921 (Farmington) or 231-486-5600 (Traverse City) or 616-319-9964 (Grand Rapids office) to learn how our Michigan real estate lawyers can help protect your Waterford, Michigan real estate investment today.