Real Estate Lawyers in South Lyon, MI

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Real estate law is a highly complicated and intimidating field to navigate if you do not have extensive experience in the sector. You would need years studying law and practice working in the field to make complete sense of South Lyon or Lyon Township’s local zoning ordinances.To save money, time, and stress, property owners in Lyon Township, Michigan, need a knowledgeable real estate lawyer on their side to help them navigate any real estate law matters they face. The Hirzel Law, PLC team is composed of award-winning real estate lawyers who understand all of the ins and outs of commercial and residential real estate law in South Lyon. They are committed to providing their clients with the trustworthy legal counsel and representation they need to handle any real estate legal matters with ease.

How Our Attorneys Help Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developers in South Lyon, Michigan

The real estate attorneys on the Hirzel Law, PLC team represent homeowners, landlords, property developers, and others in Lyon Township for various real estate matters, such as:

Residential Development

Our legal team helps residential developers quickly obtain any approvals they may need for their residential development projects. We will also ensure compliance with Lyon Township and Michigan laws, such as local zoning rules and the Michigan Land Division Act. Other services the Hirzel Law team can provide residential developers in South Lyon include:

  • Creating residential sales documents, including escrow agreements and disclosure statements
  • Drafting rules and regulations for all types of residential developments
  • Helping developers obtain the required governmental authorizations
  • Outlining declarations, covenants, and restrictions for subdivisions
  • Preparing the master deed and bylaws for condominium projects
  • Settling any legal issues concerning building permits or certificates of occupancy

Commercial Real Estate

Hirzel Law’s South Lyon real estate lawyers help commercial real estate developers from the initial planning and development stages to sales and the settlement of any legal matters that may arise throughout ownership related to office buildings, industrial properties, retail properties, strip malls or multifamily buildings. Our legal services for our clients involved in commercial real estate include, but are not limited to the handling of:

Zoning, Land Use, and Boundary Regulations in Lyon Township, Michigan

Hirzel Law, PLC, has helped clients ensure that their projects fulfill all of the requirements for compliance with the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. Our team is familiar with helping clients by appearing before boards for zoning approval or appeals and can help:

  • Interpret zoning ordinances
  • Obtain necessary municipal approvals
  • Pursue zoning variances
  • Lot splits

We also have experience in helping clients in Michigan settle boundary disputes. In Lyon Township, land developers and adjoining property owners may have disputes involving:

When you partner with our real estate litigation team, you will benefit from responsive and practical legal advice when you need it. Our team has advocated for the rights and interests of countless clients confronting real estate matters in Michigan. We are prepared to represent our clients in South Lyon and help them achieve the best possible results, whether in or out of court. 

Partner with a Real Estate Litigation Team That Handles Legal Issues in South Lyon (Lyon Township)

If you are a real estate developer, builder, property manager, homeowner, landlord, or anyone else who does real estate business in South Lyon, a Michigan real estate attorney from Hirzel Law would be a vital asset to your team. Federal, state, and local real estate laws can cause legal troubles that you do not want to face without a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Our real estate attorneys have the resources and trial skills necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for any real estate difficulties you may face in Lyon Township, Michigan. Consult one of our highly qualified lawyers about your real estate legal matters today by calling (248) 986-2921 or sending us a completed contact form.