Troy Condo & HOA Lawyers

Homeowners AssociationWhen running a condominium or homeowners association (HOA) in Troy, Michigan, there are few partners more advantageous to have on your side than a trusted condo and HOA lawyer. Local Troy laws and statewide regulations are highly complex. Troy condominium and homeowners associations frequently encounter contractual disputes, developer turnover, unpaid HOA fees, and more where the services of a knowledgeable lawyer are indispensable.

At Hirzel Law, PLC, our highly regarded condo and HOA lawyers serving Troy have received numerous peer recognition awards for possessing the sharpest legal skill in community association law.  If you need experienced legal guidance to help safeguard your Troy condo or HOA’s best interests while mitigating the potential of future problems before they arise, our attorneys are here to help.

Do I Need to Hire a Condo and HOA Attorney in Troy, Michigan?

Running a condominium or homeowners association in Troy, Michigan, you may experience legal issues with different third parties like: 

  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Owners
  • Renters

In those instances, especially when they have the potential to affect your condo or HOA’s finances or future security, having an effective attorney in your corner can undoubtedly reduce stress and make the situation easier to handle.

When you partner with an experienced attorney, you enjoy many advantages with managing your condominium or homeowners association, from resolving disputes to answering all of your legal questions. If you need legal support for your community association in Troy or throughout Michigan, Hirzel Law’s trusted team of condo and HOA lawyers are equipped to protect your rights and fiercely advocate for your best interests.

Legal Support for Condominium & HOA Cases in Troy 

The multitude of potential legal challenges that homeowner and condominium associations face leads most individuals who manage them to work with a knowledgeable team of legal professionals who are trained to help. 

At Hirzel Law, our lawyers are committed to helping condo and homeowners associations in Troy resolve a wide range of legal problems while also ensuring adherence to the Michigan Condominium Act. Our cutting-edge team of attorneys has helped hundreds of community associations throughout Michigan in various challenging legal conditions. Below are some of the many ways we can help: 

  • Condominium and HOA Collections – Fees assessed by the homeowners and condominium association are intended to pay for essential services within the community. Still, sometimes a property owner will either neglect or forget to pay this needed expense. The attorneys at Hirzel Law support condo or HOAs in collecting these fees when homeowners are delinquent by:  
    • Drafting demand letters to homeowners
    • Filing lawsuits against property owners to obtain money judgments
    • Representing homeowners associations during judicial proceedings 
  • Condo and HOA Contracts – Concluding contracted agreements for required services is a necessary part of being a representative for a condominium or homeowners association in Troy, Michigan. Legal representatives, like the ones at Hirzel Law, collaborate with these organizations to resolve specific issues related to breach of contract for:
    • Insurance
    • Construction work
    • General maintenance
    • Repairs 
    • Modification agreements
    • Cable and internet services
    • Landscaping
  • Developer Liability – When developers transfer the control of their condominium associations to co-owners or other parties, our legal professionals seasoned in condo and HOA law can avoid problems that commonly occur throughout the process and can advise on matters such as:
    • Examining the new developer’s contract
    • Unpaid fees or expenses
    • Warranty claims
    • Unlawful expansion of a condominium
    • Claims of misrepresentation and fraud 
  • HOA and Condo Insurance Coverage – Problems with insurance providers are frequently involved and stressful. However, all condos and HOAs must obtain sufficient insurance coverage and policies in case of emergencies such as:
    • Crime or vandalism 
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Crime or Fidelity bond coverage 
    • Directors’ and officers’ insurance 
  • Condo and HOA Rules – The board of directors of condominium and homeowners associations in Troy is authorized to implement reasonable rules and regulations that all members must follow. Some of these regulations that Hirzel Law’s attorneys can help draft include:
    • Architectural development
    • Codes of conduct
    • Clubhouse rules
    • Policies on HOA fee collection
    • Fair Housing Act accommodation policies
    • Bylaw enforcement policies
    • Parking rules
    • Pet policies
    • Pool rules
    • Satellite dish/antenna rules

Recurring Legal Counsel for Homeowners and Condo Associations in Troy, Michigan

From working closely with vendors and contractors, legal challenges are commonplace for condominium and homeowners associations in Troy and throughout Michigan. As a result, most representatives of condos and HOAs require professional legal help all year round. Hirzel Law provides a comprehensive Premium Service Plan for Troy condo and HOAs to meet these needs for ongoing legal help.

Clients who take advantage of our Premium Service Plan experience peace of mind knowing our attorneys are always looking out for their best interests, accessing resources and benefits such as: 

  • Year-long access to Hirzel Law webinars for all board members
  • Invitation to ask general questions
  • Preparing a Condominium or HOA Report Card for associated governing documents 
  • Representation from Hirzel Law as the Resident Agent for the condo or homeowners association
  • Reviews of any HOA Board Meeting minutes
  • Complimentary copy of Hirzel’s Handbook
  • Access to our online collection portal to monitor HOA collections status
  • Access to our online library of standardized condo and HOA forms 

Having the support of an experienced condo and HOA attorney is fundamental to the success of any community association that deals with Michigan condo and HOA laws. Our Premium Service Plan is the optimal solution for condos or HOAs in Troy that need reliable, ongoing legal services throughout the entire year.  

Get Legal Help from Skilled Troy Condo & HOA Lawyers 

Handling the complexities of condominium and homeowner association laws can be overwhelming no matter how long you’ve been working in the HOA field. At Hirzel Law, PLC, our experienced condo and HOA attorneys understand the challenges that representatives of community associations in Troy face. That’s why we are committed to helping them navigate whatever legal challenges that arise, ensuring they remain compliant with all rules and regulations with our comprehensive understanding of Michigan and federal condo and HOA laws.

When you need dependable legal aid for your Troy condominium or homeowners association, look no further than the skilled condo and HOA attorneys at Hirzel Law. Learn how our seasoned condo and HOA attorneys can help by calling us at 248-986-2921 or completing a contact form