Lansing Real Estate Lawyers

Many individuals and companies involved in Lansing real estate face legal difficulties involving land disputes, residential development, zoning, and much more. Decades of experience have given the team at Hirzel Law, PLC an advantage in helping our clients in Michigan navigate real estate law when they experience a complicated legal issue. 

Our award-winning attorneys are committed to educating our clients and delivering dedicated service to HOA’s that require counsel or representation. Hirzel Law has proudly worked with communities in Lansing, Michigan by providing trusted legal guidance to hundreds of real estate clients and helping them understand complex laws and regulations.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Lansing Real Estate Lawyer?

Working within the real estate industry has unique challenges that can make it difficult for individual property owners, builders, and developers in Michigan to fulfill the duties of their position. Contacting a real estate lawyer in Lansing provides both individual and corporate clients with the opportunity to receive legal counsel from someone who has dedicated years of training to understand the principles of real estate law. 

Michigan Condominium Lawyers for Condo CollectionsAnother benefit of retaining a real estate lawyer is that they often have access to a variety of resources that others are not able to access. This can open up possibilities for additional evidence, if necessary, as well as other information that can be used to strengthen a case.

Other great advantages to contacting a Lansing real estate lawyer include access to reliable and responsive legal counseling, as well as dedicated representation if a case is filed against you or the company you represent. Hirzel Law, PLC has successfully represented hundreds of clients in Michigan real estate matters for decades and continues to provide expert legal counsel to the community in Lansing and surrounding areas.

What Kind of Clients Pursue Real Estate Cases in Lansing?

Real estate laws in Michigan affect more than real estate agents. At Hirzel Law, our clients pursue a variety of cases related to real estate law, depending on the type of claim they are filing. These clients come from different areas of real estate practice, including land developers, investors, temporary or permanent tenants, landlords, and business owners.

When representing your claim, an experienced real estate lawyer will select an approach that best suits the circumstances of your particular case and property type. Regardless of the specific case, every client hoping to pursue a case should retain the help of a trusted Lansing real estate lawyer.

What Aspects of Real Estate Law Does Hirzel Law Cover?

Here at Hirzel Law, our skilled Michigan lawyers are thoroughly trained in all areas of real estate law to better serve and educate our clients so they can avoid any potential legal complications. We pride ourselves in working within several complex areas of real estate law, including but not limited to the following.

Zoning and Land Use

Hirzel Law, PLC is experienced in working with property owners, builders, and land developers. Our experience with Michigan zoning laws and the use of land has allowed us to help our clients plan projects that comply with the statewide Zoning Enabling Act. This regulation has given cities with a local government the ability to oversee certain regulated tasks associated with land development. We also work with clients to obtain municipal approval, pursue a variance, and interpret ordinances. If necessary, our team will also appear before a Michigan zoning board. 

Commercial Real Estate

Our skilled lawyers are familiar with the different problems that a developer of commercial real estate can run into in the early stages of the construction process. We pride ourselves in helping clients purchase and sell their land, as well as developing real estate projects. Hirzel Law, PLC can also obtain permits, draft development contracts, navigate eviction proceedings, negotiate lease agreements, and establish important documents. 

Residential Development

Many clients often run into issues at the beginning of their residential development process, which is why retaining a trusted lawyer can make it easier to manage complications that arise. Hirzel Law has worked with clients to draft deeds and bylaws, obtain government approval, establish restrictions, retain disclosure statements, and write escrow agreements.

Boundary Disputes

Incidents involving boundary disputes can happen when a property owner claims title to additional land through the adverse possession doctrine. Our lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC help our clients to manage cases of acquiescence, clarify documents such as a deed or easement, and establish updated property boundaries.

Title Disputes

One of the most vital aspects of the real estate process is obtaining a title, which can come with many legal complications. The team of legal professionals at Hirzel Law is prepared to help clients file a title action suit, record a notice of lis pendens, assign the correct title to a property, prevent future claims by potential interest holders, and negotiate active title disputes. 

Our team of knowledgeable real estate lawyers is constantly reviewing and learning how to better serve our clients in different areas of real estate law. We dedicate ourselves to staying up to date on cutting-edge techniques and legal strategies to help our clients successfully resolve their real estate cases in Lansing, Michigan. 

Retain an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Lansing, Michigan

Violation of Condo BylawsAt Hirzel Law, PLC, our Lansing real estate lawyers are well versed in Michigan’s real estate laws. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the latest real estate law trends allows us to take on the tough cases in the courtroom while educating our clients on all potential outcomes. Our real estate attorneys have earned multiple awards for our work, including awards from Best Lawyers, the Community Association Institute’s College of Community Association Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, Michigan Top Lawyers, and Super Lawyers . We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of legal representation and are ready to assist you with all of your real estate legal needs. To speak with one of our experienced Lansing real estate lawyers today, complete a contact form or call 248-986-2290.