Are owners failing to comply with condominium bylaws? Let us help enforce your community association’s bylaws.

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Enforcing Michigan Condominium Association Bylaws

Condominium bylaws help Michigan condominium associations operate in an orderly manner, uphold community aesthetics, preserve property values, and protect co-owners’ health, safety, and welfare. Enforcing these regulations is a very important job, but is often time-consuming and complicated. Our Michigan condominium lawyers are up to the task.

The board of directors of a condominium association has a duty to enforce the condominium bylaws as written unless a legal justification exists for not doing so. It’s imperative that the condominium association board of directors enforces the bylaws in a consistent and uniform manner.

In most cases, the condominium bylaws allow for the condominium association to recover attorney’s fees and costs for having to take action to enforce the condominium bylaws. The Michigan condominium lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC routinely assist Michigan condominium associations with enforcing their bylaws.

Condo Association bylaws and rules that our Michigan condominium lawyers typically enforce:

  • Aesthetic Restrictions
  • Commercial Use Restrictions
  • Co-Owner Damage to Common Elements
  • COVID-19 Restrictions
  • Drone Restrictions
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Restrictions
  • Failure to Obtain Approval for Modifications
  • Flag Restrictions
  • Hoarding/Sanitary Restrictions
  • Holiday Decoration Restrictions
  • Illegal Drug Use Restrictions
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Landscaping Restrictions
  • Leasing Restrictions
  • Mailbox Restrictions
  • Nuisance/Noise Issues
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Pet Restrictions
  • Residential Use Restrictions
  • Short-Term Rental Restrictions
  • Sign Restrictions
  • Smartphone Use Restrictions
  • Smoking Restrictions
  • Social Media/Website Restrictions
  • Solar Panel Restrictions
  • Vehicle Restrictions
  • Wi-Fi Restrictions

How Our Lawyers Help Enforce Michigan Condominium Bylaws

If a co-owner is in violation of the bylaws, there are several actions that may be taken. First, the condo board may meet with the disputing parties to discuss the issue or send a warning letter. If an informal meeting or warning letter is not successful, then the board may start formal proceedings to resolve the dispute and enforce the bylaws.

After a bylaw violation is turned over to our firm, we typically start by sending a demand letter, unless there is an emergency that requires immediate court involvement. If the bylaw violation is not resolved, the most common method of enforcement is seeking an injunction to require the owner to comply with the bylaws. The experienced Michigan condominium lawyers at Hirzel Law, PLC can help you take the correct steps to enforce rules and bylaws while considering the rights of all involved parties.

Do Your Condo Association’s Bylaws Documents Make the Grade?

We offer a Condominium Report Card that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your condominium association’s governing documents, such as its bylaws. Our written review also offers suggestions for improvement. The Condominium Report Card is included in our Premium Service Plan.

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Improving Condominium Bylaw Documents Can Help Prevent Lawsuits

Not all condominium bylaws contain adequate enforcement mechanisms. By amending your bylaws, you can protect your condominium association and board with clear, consistent provisions for enforcing bylaws. With our vast experience in condominium association governing documents, we are well equipped to amend and modify these documents. Our goal is to make the language clear to avoid ambiguities and unnecessary litigation. Our Michigan condominium lawyers also update documents to comply with the most current laws, such as the Michigan Condominium Act.

The Right Michigan Condominium Lawyers for Your Needs

Clients come to us with huge, messy problems—like bylaw enforcement—because they know we have a great track record of resolving complex issues. We are known for our ingenuity, responsiveness, and peer-recognized legal prowess. We pride ourselves on educating clients and providing the highest-quality legal representation.

Contact Us for Help with Enforcing Condominium Bylaws

Enforcing condominium bylaws is a tough job made tougher with inadequate documentation. Contact Hirzel Law PLC online or call 248-478-1800 (Farmington) or 231-486-5600 (Traverse City) for help with bylaw enforcement issues. Our team of award-winning Michigan condominium lawyers is ready and willing to help.

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